Brief installation guide for new Kea users..

Quick Start This section describes the basic steps needed to get Kea up and running. For further details, full customizations, and troubleshooting, see the respective chapters in the Kea guide.
Quick Start Guide for DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 Services Install required run-time and build dependencies. See for details. Download Kea source tarball from ISC.org downloads page or ISC ftp server. Extract the tarball. For example: $ tar xvzf kea-&keaversion;.tar.gz Go into the source directory and run the configure script: $ cd kea-&keaversion; $ ./configure [your extra parameters] Build it: $ make Install it (by default it will be placed in /usr/local/, so it is likely that you will need root privileges for this step): # make install Edit the Kea configuration files which by default are installed in the [kea-install-dir]/etc/kea/ directory. These are: kea-dhcp4.conf, kea-dhcp6.conf, kea-dhcp-ddns.conf and kea-ctrl-agent.conf, for DHCPv4 server, DHCPv6 server, D2 and Control Agent respectively. In order to start the DHCPv4 server in background, run the following command (as root): # keactrl start -s dhcp4 Or run the following command to start DHCPv6 server instead: # keactrl start -s dhcp6 Note that it is also possible to start all servers simultaneously: $ keactrl start Verify that Kea server(s) are running: # keactrl status A server status of "inactive" may indicate a configuration error. Please check the log file (by default named [kea-install-dir]/var/kea/kea-dhcp4.log, [kea-install-dir]/var/kea/kea-dhcp6.log, [kea-install-dir]/var/kea/kea-ddns.log or [kea-install-dir]/var/kea/kea-ctrl-agent.log) for the details of the error. If the server has been started successfully, test that it is responding to DHCP queries and that the client receives a configuration from the server; for example, use the ISC DHCP client. Stop running the server(s): # keactrl stop For instructions specific to your system, please read the system specific notes, available in the Kea section of ISC's Knowledgebase. The details of keactrl script usage can be found in .
Running the Kea Servers Directly The Kea servers can be started directly, without the need to use the keactrl. To start the DHCPv4 server run the following command: # kea-dhcp4 -c /path/to/your/kea4/config/file.json Similarly, to start the DHCPv6 server run the following command: # kea-dhcp6 -c /path/to/your/kea6/config/file.json