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Kea is an open source software system including DHCPv4, DHCPv6 servers, Dynamic DNS daemon, REST API interface, MySQL, and PostgreSQL databases, RADIUS and NETCONF interfaces and related utilities.

We welcome you to submit issues and contribute patches.


Kea offers broad support for the major DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 standards, including both direct address assignment and DHCPv6 prefix delegation, and dynamic and static addresses.

Extensible with optional hook libraries

Kea was designed to be easily extended by the addition of optional "hooks" libraries. ISC publishes some of these in the open source, and offers others as premium software. Using hooks, it is possible to control the assignment of options and even addresses from your own provisioning system.

Manageable via REST API

Add and change subnets and pools without restarting Kea. Store leases and host reservations in a MySQL or PostgreSQL database, or a local text file. Replace the entire Kea configuration, or separately manage leases, subnets, and host reservations through a REST API.


Kea is licensed under MPL2.0. ISC publishes some optional hooks modules under a proprietary license.