1. Introduction

cmdctl module is the configuration entry point for all the commands from bindctl or some other web tools client of bind10. When command client connects with cmdctl, it should first login. The messages between cmdctl and command client are protected with SSL.

when cmdctl starts up, it will collect command specifications and configuration specifications/data of other available modules from configmanager. When getting the request/command from client, cmdctl will respond directly or resend the request/command to proper modules, then send back result to client.

2. RESTful API for cmdctl

cmdctl is designed as one HTTPS server, any configurable item of one module is treated as the resource with one URL. Both the post body data and reply of command are in JSON format.

Currently Implemented (rcode to add)



Get all modules' command specification


Get all module's configuration data


Get all module's configuration specication



Send the command to specified module, the parameters of command is sent with body data.


Login, the format of body data should be : {'username' : value, 'password' : value}

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