BIND 10 Team Call 2013-08-13 @14:30 UTC Room 910

Minutes taken from the Etherpad here:


  • Shane
  • Stephen
  • Mukund
  • Aharen
  • Vorner
  • Kambe

Sprint Status

ISC Staffing

We'll have a new developer, Kean, starting at the start of September, and he'll begin work on the BIND 10 project!

IETF Sponsor Discussions

Kannan & Shane met with several BIND 10 sponsors and had discussions.

DHCP Notes

(Stephen can correct...) Kea is approaching 1.0 alpha release at end of year

Developer documentation produced daily and published here:

Students are helping with a separate project (testing)
External developer (David Carlier) has written a PostgreSQL backend (not yet merged)

Generic Traceback Handling
We'll all reply. :)

Next sprint planning meeting date change

Move to Wednesday.


Please reply to mail on bind10-team list about ending development

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