Minutes taken from Etherpad here:

  • Shane
  • Michal
  • Jeremy
  • Kambe
  • Jelte
  • Jeff
  • Mukund
  • jinmei
  • Aharen

Face to Face Meeting (2 minutes)
We are go! Please begin travel arrangements.

Sprint Progress (10 minutes)

Unfortunately large number of issues with user manager. :(
#2157 basically ready for merge... blocking? libexpat -> Python dependency... avoid it?

#2641 needs review but probably ready for merge
#2281 needs review but probably ready for merge
#2659 why still open? -> at bottom of list! -> Jelte says we can see about getting it reviewed today

Might need to add some more tickets... not sure

Suggestion for adding tickets: maybe look at oldest tickets?

Release Candidate Status (15 minutes)

We have around 22 hours to commit/push minor changes. Anything very significant should be done asap.

rc release on 14th.

Since this is a candidate for release, it will have no code changes between it and the final 1.0 release, other than documentation improvements. If we hit a show-stopper, then we will release a "rc2".

1 week or 2 weeks for final release? Release during the training (21st)?
Maybe release final 1.0 on 21st; but need to coordinate/confirm.

- update docs to be clear resolver is experimental
- release notes
- guide explain adding cmdctl user

BIND 10 Year 5 (25 minutes)

BIND 10 Recursive Resolution (38 minutes)

API/ABI stability

Over at 16:01 UTC

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