BIND 10 Team Call 2012-12-11


  • Shane
  • vorner
  • Mukund
  • Aharen
  • Jeff
  • Jeremy
  • Kambe
  • Fujiwara
  • Jinmei
  • Jelte
  • Larissa

Sprint Progress (10 minutes)
Jelte: if we get everything done it will be at the last moment
Jinmei: need to check current status for higher-level goal

so, prioritize #2380, #2429, and #2431

Jinmei: Not confident we can do it

Post-Beta Priorities (20 minutes)

We will need to decide what to prioritize after the beta is out. Possibilities:

  • Bug fixes
  • Improving installation & initial setup HOWTOs
  • Packages for various OS
  • Finishing zone loading
  • Jinmei: some remaining tasks must be done before release
  • Beginning shared memory
  • Beginning UI improvements
  • Beginning recursive resolution
  • Also see
  • Jinmei: Fix various things for xfr & zone manager
    • Shane: redesign?
    • Jinmei: ideally!
  • Jinmei: also revisit zone management (as we partially discussed for this sprint), how to add/delete zones, providing list of available zones, UI configuration, things like that (also related to xfr thing)

Post-Beta Code Management (15 minutes)

We need to decide how to manage the code base post-beta. If we add user-visible features, we need to decide on a case-by-case basis whether we want it in the release. If not, we need somewhere to merge them.

Shane: do we want to make a branch?
Jeremy: that was my expectation. How does BIND 9 do it?
Jelte: they cherry pick everything, squash every branch into a commit
Jeremy: how do they keep track or request it
Jinmei: have a meta-ticket in RT for each release, keeping track of dependencies
Shane: in BIND 9 bug fixes are merged into every relevant branch before ticket is closed
Michal: could look at tickets closed on current sprint
Shane: makes sense to merge into branches immedately after you merge into master

Michal: merging into release branch is not best option; need to re-base or branch from release branch and merge to master (and not other way around)
Jelte: should branch from common ancestor
Jelte: so ideally you find the oldest branch that the bug applies to; ideally not too many branches

Jelte: we should re-start tagging our releases
Jeremy: all the ones I did should be tagged (should check this)

Shane: so for immediate future, have a branch for beta, then master; bug fixes should be done in beta, then re-based on master and merged
Jeremy: may not be good to fixes in the stable branch since they need to be tested for while
Mukund: should be fixed in the branch where reported on; then cherry-pick or re-base+merge into other branches

Michal: should send some guideline to mailing list & wiki. And write it first of course. ;)

Shane, Jelte, Jeremy -> to make proposed guidelines

Face to Face Meeting (5 minutes)

Not in January.
Would like to have one as soon as possible.
Need approval.
May be as far off as March.
Need lead time for planning, travel documentation.
Probably will be in Redwood City.

Daily Call Time (15 minutes)

Jinmei says: "I think we should change the time when a new team member joins at least until he/she is sufficiently familiar with the project. And IMO having multiple calls is not a good solution."

Proposal: have the call now

"Due to geographic distribution, someone needs to suffer."

Mukund: okay with it
Jelte: skip on sprint planning, on team calls we fit into sprint status

Mukund: start weekly call 10 minutes before, start with status

JPRS will post status to chat room, due to time zone

15:30 UTC
  16:30 CET
  07:30 PST

Delayed Buildbot Reports (10 minutes)

Jinmei says: "We've seen many buildbot failure reports that have been already fixed. I think we should somehow improve it; otherwise, it will lead to the bad practice of ignoring errors (tbh I now tend to pay less attention to the reports)"

Jeremy: trial run of build software in January

Jeremy: I can run more often, but since on the same virtual machine we start to get lag

Jeremy: we used to only do builds of latest checkout, but now we do every push... could change that
Jelte: I think that would be an improvement for now

2494 status?

ignored for too long
jreed: proposal add to sprint immediately or change from sensitive

previous action plan was to CVSS score it

put into current sprint

2504 security?

improve changelog entry?
do CVSS score?

Ticket updated

Naming of beta tarball and versioning?

See AC_INIT(bind10-devel, 20120817 ...) used for PACKAGE, PACKAGE_VERSION, ...
For example: include/bind10-devel, share/bind10-devel, share/doc/bind10-devel, libexec/bind10-devel, var/bind10-devel, etc/bind10-devel

Larissa can decide!

Servers crashing with "Can't assign requested address"

jinmei's server and ethel (as112 #1937). Any others?
also see about maybe logging for that to troubleshoot?

jinmei: suspect #2494 will workaround

Upgrade built-in dependencies before release

(currently only asio; francis opened a ticket for this already #2082; ignore that is about Windows)

Jeremy: putting off to right before release is wrong, we want to run for a while
Shane: prefer immedately after the release
Jeremy: we have ASIO issues already
Jelte: like #2494 could be ASIO internal issue...

Put in next-sprint-proposed

Meeting Ends 16:02 UTC

Return NOTIMP if zonemgr is not running? and discuss cannot control the rate of incoming notifies

Inconsistency in style around pointer→bool conversion 'if (pointer)' is allowed for smart pointers, but not for bare pointers. Why & should we do something about it?

Okay to update code review procedures to match current reality?

MIssing minutes:

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