BIND 10 Team Call 2012-10-02


  • Shane
  • Mukund
  • Kambe
  • Jelte
  • Aharen
  • Jeff
  • Michal
  • Jeremy
  • Jinmei
  • Fujiwara

BIND 10 Alpha [20 minutes]

  • Congratulations all around
  • General discussion

Jeremy: naming of product... never defined... sort of sounds the same as before (still bind10-devel-####)
Jelte: need a versioning scheme, also for bug reporting system
Jeff: This becomes an issue if searching

Jeremy: having commits at the last minute, need update freeze

Jeremy: will be making branch... need to figure when to do that

  • Feedback & other results

Shane: some discussion on internal ISC list about making it easier to install
Jeremy: we have tutorials on wiki, nobody knew about them... reference them better, although quality varies
Mukund: link to install wiki in the guide
Shane: Binary packages? ISC going to look at this company wide.

  • Alpha 2

Jeremy: Beta in mid-November? Maybe alpha 2 in 3 weeks?
Shane: seems reasonable, so this plus next sprint

Recent Sprint Output [10 minutes]

Smaller number of points completed than expected in this sprint. Think about something regarding this?
Jeremy: more participants 9 months ago, now only a few; CNNIC no longer active participants
Jinmei: still poorer than recently
Jeremy: also Stephen
Jinmei: if just number of developers, we can lower points; suspect something else...
Jelte: in last sprint, did we lower it?
Mukund: 70-80 points
Jelte: for this sprint, seems reasonably good
Jelte: perhaps estimates are done less well than earlier

Jelte: developers away causes review backlog to grow
Jelte: 1-week for cleanup sprints is too short
Jinmei: recent sprint was abused somehow, not just for hardening

Jinmei: proposal - have an ordering for preference of sprint goals, and concentrate on most preferred one
Shane: seems reasonable

BIND 9 / BIND 10 configuration interoperability [10 minutes]

idea is conversion may be bi-directional
intermediate version of a configuration

SQL Issues [20 minutes]

  • SQLite indexing

Care about file size? Michal: can be important...
Performance hit ~30% for inserts
Mukund: might be affected by using integer RR types rather than strings
Mukund: read all records for that name, sort RDATA in code
Can wait for more data
So lets clarify the points, and discuss on bind10-dev

  • Why do people want SQL, and how can we support them?
    Larissa talked to users, did surveys, will ask her to tell us
  • PostgreSQL, MySQL Can discuss for specific features
    Shane will push on bind10-dev to have consensus in this area before next sprint
  • Performance improvement with schema changes Need to know if this performance improvement is necessary

BIND 10 Beta [20 minutes]

  • zone loading
  • UI fixes no more tweaks for bindctl! need refactoring/rewriting of internal code there
  • PostgreSQL backend? Jinmei: Just adding support for PostgreSQL or MySQL is pretty easy, I think it is worth it from cost/benefit
  • BIND 9/10 configuration interoperability

depending on design may be lightweight conversion scripts or interoperability language


file naming
see mailing list
have product owner decide

More alpha/beta topics

    create a meta tickets for what is expected for alpha2 and first beta  [created later #2308]
    since not using two milestones
    Seems reasonable, because of that
    documentation needs:
        how to run unittests and lettuce tests (we don't release lettuces tests currently, they are only in repos)
        bindctl docs
            document that bindctl is a low-level interface and that we plan a more intuitive simple interface too?
        upgrade docs (how to restart)
        document what is not "production quality"
        document if dhcp is supported, or where should be used (and how)
        document "execute"
        blogging / tutorials
        perfdhcp manual
        quick start guide --  update it
        what else?
        system/architecture documentation (not user) -- need to decide
    versions for components -- remove them? or update them
        currently we just ignore the versions
        what are the values of the separate versions?
        if just is a release version, confusing to bump for no reason (if no code changed)
        if do ship independently, having versions may or may not be good
        bump all versions?
        ask the list (the would be users) ...
    multiple data source configurations; multiple TSIG configurations
        it is confusing
        jinmei: probably the datasource won't be solved before beta
        check if tickets exist .. create and put in proposed
    ssl cert generation -- but what if don't have tool?
    ``there is a snakeoil key pair that gets installed not once, but twice''
    output outside of logging framework
        output logging that never gets configured by logging framework
        is there a ticket?
    logging still in multiple files after rotation
        document we need a certain log4cplus minimum version?
        configure abort or complain?
    logging from msgq
    maybe stick in separate log file?
    any asserts, especially during shutdown
    kill -9 during shutdown
    sockcreator problems
    still running or hanging?
    any ticket?


Revisit web page fanciness
Security procedure before beta release

Over at 16:03 UTC

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