BIND 10 Team Call 2012-09-11


  • Shane
  • Jelte
  • kevin
  • Kambe
  • Aharen
  • Fujiwara
  • Jeremy
  • Mukund
  • Larissa

ISC internal restructuring

new president; internal engineering review committee; joining teams; slow plan to merge; for now keep same teams for sprints

Sprint Progress
Mukund & Jelte both in big tickets
Overestimated points (Jinmei is on vacation)
Focus needs to be on memory restructuring
Change priority - memory stuff high, loading stuff low, everything else medium

Items from Steering Committee

  • 3rd party code review / audit
  • Coverity
  • Recursive resolver
  • Why we need BIND 10... still

next call should be next month

okay for us to hire a code auditor
probably needs to be a formal relationship to produce a report
confirm quality, and (re)build confidence
may be multiple phases, we analyze/comment/fix reported issues, and then followup check and published report
human (non automated) review

setting up phone call with coverity, probably tomorrow
no results in past trying to get open source (SCAN) version
muks: costs hundreds of thousands
need to get the non-profit open source service
or get steering committee to pay

company didn't sign agreement when we thought they would and we had a hiring freeze.
So not starting in October as we expected. Probably in January.

Other server projects started/released since our work started. shane will write up a report why BIND 10 is needed.

Alpha, Beta, Release Candidate plans

  • where to list what is required for each phase? (tickets, significant bugs, required features)

alpha release at the end of this month; after hardening sprint
reduce memory size structure
looks like not asynchronous loading
larissa will provide list of we want users to test
what features we want them to try, what feedback we want back from them.

No specific plans for beta yet.
In principle, can't predict how many betas.
for terminology, the first beta is feature freeze and later betas are bug fixes (and maybe minor feature changes).
fix zone loading
bug fixing on bindctl

maybe version reporting to us
users can opt in
to discuss on list

larissa has a PR/marketing plan; she can send this around.
Also need to send list of blog topics.
All team to blog at least one item.

jeremy and shane to give a little training to ISC support team this week

No specific date for release, maybe January; maybe come up with one.

Research/design PostgreSQL back-end? One sprint for that. Additional tickets come out of that. If closed db, derive from sqlite3 one.
Single ticket for research for Oct. 2 sprint.

Need plan to list required features for the beta. Use milestone for that.
List out significant bugs or annoyances. Maybe use etherpad at first for brainstorming.

Getting rid of Valgrind backlog (existing reports)

  • Suggest that we work on about 5 reports every sprint

for problems we currently filter out
need ticket(s) for this?
prioritizing current list will take a lot of time
maybe do for half day per sprint
most will be trivial, but some may not be
lots of duplicates
make tickets for non-trivial
dedicate 5 points per sprint

Clang Static Analyzer
also some different reports when ran multiple times:

Let's fix the initial trivial things.

Jeremy is automating this. For now, not compiling with gtests (due to clang compiler issues).

Lab systems

cleanup and standardize more

currently hard to reproduce problems due to not knowing build environment
configure command lines, shell environment etc.


Jeremy also working on a QA document about all our QA methods.

Define what we need tested, and add more lettuce tests.

Over at 15:29 UTC.

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