• Review of doodle polls
  • Packaging status (FreeBSD, Debian, ...)
    • debian needs log4cplus
  • AS112 BIND 10 status
  • Intermediate check on inactive tasks
  • Update on steering committee
    • now tracking hours on tickets
    • tickets keep track of features
    • committee to provide their priorities
  • Call and meeting schedule for rest of 2011
    • next sprint is a 3 week sprint (holidays and face to face meeting)
    • tentatively cancel meeting on Dec. 27.
    • continue daily calls
  • January 2012 face to face meeting
    • 4 days DNS (Jan. 9-12), 1 day open day, 1 day joint team (Saturday), DHCP meeting Mon. and Tue.
    • Invitations for BIND 10 open day (Friday)
    • sprint planning during F2F
    • release is scheduled for that week, tentatively plan for then.
  • Socket creator suid (Michal)
    • also present on dev list
  • Log level verbosity (Jinmei)
  • 'lock' when responding to bind10-users?
    • give a heads up if in jabber room: I am responding to this or is anyone responding to this?
  • default logging destination if a daemon?
    • package can't easily provide configuration for logging
    • admin has to make multiple configurations and then startup script
    • how can we simplify this?
    • one idea is for packager is to patch spec files.

Doodle Polls

Daily meeting

Jinmei: We need to do something, no time to discuss it today.
Shane: Maybe topic for the face to face meeting.

Doxygen markup

Looks like C++ style is better.
AP: Shane to update the BIND 10 style guide

Packaging Status

Debian effort: log4cplus missing, maintainer has gone quiet
Larissa: I can speak to Andrew Pollock

FreeBSD port: dependencies got log4cplus updated, Botan can now be configured with Python 2 or 3; sent in port for review; has been used a couple times by ISC's ops team; some minor changes and then will be submitted as port; sometimes slow (like Debian)

OpenBSD port: we've been asked for this by Joao, we'll do the initial work and send it to Jakob Schlyter (sp?); waiting on new virtual machine host
Jinmei: Can it be adopted into their ports system, even if it is not in their core system?
Shane: I don't know.
Jeremy: I'm sure they will. Don't need to go through severe security audit.

NetBSD port some day.
Jeremy: All dependencies for pkgsrc or NetBSD are already finished.

AS112 BIND 10 Status

Running in production since last week.

Intermediate check on inactive tasks

#805 set aside for DDNS tasks
#1452 still working on
#1415 will have time for this
#1430 should have time before next sprint planning -> move to unassigned

Update on steering committee

Call and meeting schedule for rest of 2011

Next sprint 3 week sprint -> sprint planning in f2f?
Release scheduled during f2f

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