Roll Call

Fujiwara (through etherpad)

Feedback on DDNS

Larissa: I talked to the Comcast guys, and they said they need it to be instant. Because of stuff they support in voice over broadband. Otherwise they might get problems with regulatory issues. Other vendor doesn't need *instant*, but propagation must not cause too much delays. RIPE uses it for reverse dns provisioning. Their rate is relatively low, but it can be in bursts.

  • action point on Larissa to clean this up, I think I missed half of it due to voip breakups

Weekly call minutes

Perhaps we should go back to appointing a scribe, or at least someone to clean up the transcription, since the minutes from last week are quite unclear as to whether decisions were made and/or there are any action points for most of the topics.

Jeremy: you are right. I did notice it but thought someone would go through them and update it later, but that never happened.

Jelte: Ah, right. That would explain it. So I think we should appoint a scribe and/or someone explicitely to go through it. I'll set an example and volunteer for today.

Jeremy: I think we should update it in realtime. And regardless of that we should have someone read over it and then he can ask on jabber to fill in some holes.

Michal: I think the one making the minutes should be some native speaker if possible. Following the discussion itself can be hard enough.

Jelte: normally you also want someone who is not participating in the discussion itself.

Jelte: yes i think we can try Jeremy's approach. So if you see me missing anything please fix it :)

  • Conclusion: realtime fixes as much as possible, someone should go through the final result and see if there are any gaps.

BIND 10 open day

This may depend on Shane's attendance, but a competitor (and good friend and former colleague ;)) plans to attend. He asked me what the day was going to look like, and I didn't know. Perhaps we don't know at all yet but it would be nice to have something concrete (also because some people might need that to decide whether to come in the first place).

Larissa: The plan is to base the agenda around who is coming. So we will undoubtedly give some time to both dhcp and dns. The other thing we are interested in doing is having others present to us about their requirements. It's open in who can come and what we can discuss. If you want to invite people, that would be great. Investigating whether people are interested in remote participation. If you know anyone, please let me know. Jelte: Right, I'm afraid however that some people may decide on whether to attend based on the agenda, and we may have a chicken and egg problem with this approach.

Larissa: right, so maybe we need to decide this. Hopefully I can discuss this with Shane and make a decision this week. It's also during holiday season so that's not ideal. We have someone from RIPE, DENIC, Bluecat(?), Men & Mice, and Comcast.

Jelte: I heard from NLnet Labs (competitors, not clients ;))

Larissa: we are an open project, that's all good.

  • Action point for Larissa/shane: discuss agenda and tell us about it.
  • Action point for everyone: If you know of anyone to invite, point to the website.

Likun: Perhaps we can give a demonstration on how to use it and show off the new features.

Larissa: We should also promote the beta program.


Stephen and I have been working on documenting the logging configuration, and we now have a nice wiki page. But it's not clear to me exactly where to go from here. I guess this needs to go into the admin's manual, but some general guidelines on where and how to fit stuff in (or whether to just dump it to Jeremy ;)) would be nice.

Jelte: I have no problems converting it to docbook, but I am worried about messing up the structure of the documentation, and perhaps we need some overview.

Jeremy: I'll try to merge it in. If I don't do so in the next few days someone else might do it. I may have started briefly on the same thing, so me merging it in makes sense.

Jelte: ok, then I'll pass the ticket to you.

Multiquestion support

Jeremy: Shouldn't we just post this question to one of the lists? We can also ask robert edmonds if he sees it in dnsdb somewhere

Jelte: I don't think anyone uses it, because noone supports it, because it cannot really be done unambiguously.

Jeremy: Do we have a problem with this right now?

Likun: What is the topic? Whether to do it?

Jelte: yes. Not even how, but only if.

Action point: ask Robert if he sees it (Jelte) (or how to use the db)

Jelte: who brought this topic up in the first place?

Michal: Jinmei did, he noticed it's not supported now, but can be by the standards.

Jelte: Ah, so perhaps he just doesn't want this to be an uncounscious decision

Michal: Yes.

Likun: And even if we do it, it's probably very low priority.

Jelte: I'll ask jinmei to form a question about this for the list


Jeremy: I made a variety of doxygen fixes, some TODO in there. I need someone to quickly look at the diffs. Will put the git commits in jabber.

Jelte: I don't think that needs a ticket.

Jeremy: one other thing (994) LDFLAGS/LIBS confusion; I understand where the problem could have been, but I don't see it in our

Jinmei: i think the problem is that that ticket contained several things, so it may be confusing. Some clarification might be useful, for instance break it into separate tickets.

Jelte: can it be that some things have been fixed already?

Jinmei: Possibly

Jelte: Oh i see that he commented 6 days ago that it was not correct

Jeremy: I can comment again, and ask him to specifically point to the lines he's talking about

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