Roll Call


Release Status

Review tickets

Jeremy: None of the tickets sent in mail was completed. Nobody committed to trunk. If done, then need to be committed.

AP: Shane to unstick tickets for this release.

Some tickets being reviewed by Jinmei must be reviewed by others. Jelte reports this takes a lot of time (for example #191), so we may not be able to do a lot of small tickets too.

Code freeze

Jeremy: Will discuss on Jabber with what people are planning to commit (if anything).

Other issues

Jeremy: Did have roadmap that listed a few items that we wanted done, and that was not really followed. It's too late now. But if we can get things that are already done have the review finished, that's a good thing.

Jeremy: For the release, I documented as much as I could about the zonemgr but have not committed anywhere. For the release itself, how to word it that zonemgr and secondary services don't work as expected.

Zonemgr issues?

Jeremy found a lot of issues with the zonemgr, should we discuss?

Jeremy: Some needs to be talked about, interaction with features not provided about yet.

Jeremy: For example: on the SOA, the zone is transferred every refresh period even if SOA has not changed.

Likun: Added to TODO list.

Jeremy: Is there a way to turn off the zone manager? As it is now it's started by BIND 10. Is there a way to disable it.

Likun: No.

Shane: No, and this probably belongs in the boss process.

Jeremy: Also feature to turn off incoming or outgoing zone transfers.

Shane: Also nice to have by some granularity.

Jeremy: Liked details of when next transfers will happen.

Shane: Should we put this discussion on the wiki?

Jeremy: There is a wiki page discussing the zone manager, plus a TODO in the source tree, plus a few tickets.

Shane: Likun, make sure the e-mail ends up in the wiki or in the TODO file please!

[ Shane gives uplifting speech about agile software design and evolution. ]

Likun: Jeremy can you write some e-mail about features you list out in case I lost something?

Date of next face-to-face meeting

Dates sent to list. No objections so far.

Likun: 2 weeks after the current time is the Chinese spring festival.

No BIND 10 call next week

ISC All Hands means most of the BIND 10 team will not be available.

Will daily "stand up" calls be helpful with JPRS, CNNIC, and CZ.NIC people?

Likun: Useful. Shane will be unavailable the following week, but please have the call without him.

Jelte will also be on vacation the following week, perhaps not available for call after that (to be discussed further).


Stephen: Any comments about the Trac site? Certainly has been getting worse over the last few days.

Shane: Working with Ops on long-term requirements. If it gets really bad we'll do it earlier.

Shane: Also FYI we are getting a new Asterisk phone system at some point which should make calls better.

Shane: Working with contest winner (Parrot) to come up with a version of the BIND 10 mascot with fewer colors.


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