Last Week's Face to Face Meeting

Minutes still not usable. Will be published when they are.

Upcoming Release

Review-only code freeze for upcoming release: 2010-09-09 at end of working day

Jeremy: Roadmap does not list everything wanted, or missing things?

Shane: Surely the roadmap wrong.

Larissa: Roadmap work needs to be done.

"Stand up meetings"

Times for "stand up meetings" Western Hemisphere: 11 PT / 13 CT Eastern Hemisphere: 9 UTC

Review of Face to Face Meeting

What went well?

Larissa: What was good about last week's meeting?

Stephen: A chance to meet everybody.

Jelte: Food was nice.

Shane: I was happy with the level of technical discussion. Moderately deep into topics.

Stephen: I had a session one-on-one with Evan on design. If we can identify topics for subgroups. Smaller group means much more interaction... ideas flow faster.

Jelte: +1

Michal: On the other hand... more people know more. If we divide into too small groups then everybody works alone.

Jelte: You wouldn't do this for everything, just for some design brainstorm sessions.

Michal: Perhaps at least 4 people in a group or something like that.

Stephen: That would be fair enough. I can't remember what it was, but there was a point where we were trying to design something by committee and it was going very slowly.

What could we improve?

Shane: Time estimates were too low this meeting.

Jelte: Feels like the week was less productive than other face to face meetings. Perhaps on a lot of things we did not reach a conclusion...

Jelte: The call with the BDB sales guy was not so useful. Less useful than the Mozilla guys.

Michael: I thought it was the other way around.

Jelte: The Infoblox visit... wasn't clear whether it was a presentation or discussion.

Larissa: Can send feedback via e-mail also.

Release Planning

Jeremy: Any branch people need feedback on now or the next few days? Or something that needs to be reviewed?

Likun: Ticket #216.

Jeremy: I think Jinmei has like 7 tickets that are done, and I'll mention these on Jabber.

Jelte: Open ticket #314 which is a name change for Python binding, but would like input on which name to choose.

[ Consensus on pydnspp ]

Jelte: What should we be working on?

Shane: Well... after this release, everyone needs to start working on pieces for the recursion.


Michael: How long does it take for someone to look into random e-mail that was sent to the mailing list. Send a mail on Saturday.

People were traveling, Monday was public holiday in the US. Wait a couple days.

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