Roll Call

jerry scharf
mister echo

(Shane, Evan and Stephen are on holiday)

Lingering action points from last release

Larissa: 15 incomplete tickets from last release. (link in jabber from jreed)

Introduction of Jerry Scharf

Jerry is joining us with a contract for four months. He is going to do some design and planning work for how our user interface and CLI are going to work, and how it relates to the rest of the system. Jerry has been around ISC for a while, and has been involved in early work for BIND9.

Jerry: I'm coming with a different approach than has typically been done. Most tools are done from the protocol, which doesn't meet user needs very well. So I will be looking at what problems people have in making dns work well, and then work back from that to what tools we should be building.

Discussion of logging framework

Larissa: does anyone have any comments?

Jelte: I've been looking at it, and trying it out in my own module. One thing I noticed is that it's not nearly as feature-full as BIND9, to I wonder if we want *that* kind of complexity.

Michael: It definitely does not do what BIND9 does, but no system I have ever seen does.

Jelte: I do wonder if we want to have separate config for this for each module, and no 'global' settings. Though this is mostly more a configuration issue that a specific logging one.

Jinmei: We probably want to implement a more general configuration option, that is used by all modules.

Jeremy: One of the things that was part of this was to write down what 9 does, and have a list of features we would want.

Jeremy: For instance, this only lets you log to one file, while bind9 can log to multiple files

Jinmei: This might lead to a more general discussion of what kind of BIND9 features we want to incorporate in BIND 10.

Michael: Might I suggest a slightly different approach, and try to find out what people need from a drop-in replacement for BIND9.

Larissa: So We need to find out which features we need in order to fulfill the replacement requirement?

Michael: Yes. Otherwise we might spend too much time designing and deciding things and it might all be unnecessary.

Larissa: So does anyone want to find this out?

Jeremy: Is jerry (cnnic) on the call?

Larissa: No

Jeremy: I think he signed up for that action (writing up the logging features of 9) at the Beijing F2F, maybe he already started that?

Likun: I don't think so.

Jeremy: Ok, I will do that. I'll just make a list of all logging-specific features. (See Bind9Logging.)

Larissa: And look at it from a support/operator point of view, and see which are the essential features. And maybe we can ask our support team too.

- Larissa to ask support staff what is essential in logging features
- Jeremy to list features of 9


Jeremy: Still a lot of work for the 6-month milestone:

Larissa: I don't think we'll have all of that on september 30th.

Larissa: for this week I think we should focus on the tickets that did not make last release, and have a more detailed discussion about this list next week.

Jeremy: Repeating Shane here, we need to be less concerned with the little bugs, and start focusing on the big goals.

Larissa: Yes, but i'm hesitant to do this before shane gets back, and i think we should really get working on this next week.

Larissa: If you have suggested topics for the F2F, please send them to -dev. Also send what you think are high-priority items.

Larissa: It's not going to be as talk-heavy as the last meeting, we'll also be doing coding, and we'll be having guests (like the BDB people)


Jelte: I'll be on PTO on thursday, friday and monday, so if anyone needs anything from me this week, let me know today/tomorrow.

Jinmei: I'd like to know the current status of the statistics work,

Kambe: I received Jinmei's ticket today, so i would like to answer that ticket.

Meeting closed at 15:42UTC.

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