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Release status stuff

Jeremy: The two main goals for this release were working notify support and writable data sources. Notify was in review (by Stephen), who finished the review and passed it back to Likun.

Likun: yeah I already updated the code and committed it to the branch, but I'm not sure if it's ready to merge to trunk, since noone has tested it besides me.

Jeremy: So maybe we should commit it to trunk after the release so that would give people a few weeks of testing. What's the status of writables?

Jelte: It's not completely done, and I did ask on a previous call for a preliminary review of the general architecture, but haven't heard back from that.

(pasting milestones page into jabber)

Jeremy: regardless of what's complete or not, we're still doing the release on thursday, so if you want anything in, push for review

Jelte: i'd like to get timeouts in, ticket #296

Jinmei: I can do that review

Jeremy: there's also #70 and #80, that were from an older release but never got completed

Jeremy: the end of today was the deadline, that would give wednesday to roll the release and release on thursday morning

Jeremy: so that's all for me right now

Jelte: I think there's one or two more open tickets

Jinmei: I gave feedback on Xfrin but I heard nothing on that, and I'm wondering what the status of that is (#216)

Likun: I think that ticket is not very urgent, so I planned to merge it to trunk after this release.

Likun: I suggest we merge #299 for this release

Jelte: Oh yes, i agree. You pasted a proposed patch to jabber yesterday, but i think it could use a bit of work.

Jelte: But we definitely should fix this one for this release.

Jelte: so there was also #83, a part of which has been fixed by #260 (bindctl output), but I'm not sure if we should close this ticket or keep it for later if we want cmdctl not to start at all if it cannot take any connections anyway.

Jeremy: Yeah I think we can close this one

Jelte: oh I looked at #298, which is ok for me, and can be merged

Jinmei: Ah thanks

Jelte: and the last one i had is #294

Jeremy: yeah that one needs to be done, it should not be too much work, the code is already done. So does anyone want to do this?

Evan: I'll take it

Jelte: that's all i had, the rest seems assigned, so if any have an unknown status please speak up :)

Jeremy: #255?

Jinmei: That is relatively low priority

Jeremy: Ok, we'll do it later


Larissa: I want to make sure that everyone gets their travel plans together and send them to me (with a copy to shane), so we can finalize reservations. Also we were talking about doing something on the saturday after, if people happen to be around. It's the last week of august: august 30th to september 3rd


Jeremy: Maybe for next weeks meeting, we can spend some time discussing the logging framework

Group action item: Look at the framework in general and the way we configure logging, so we can discuss it on the next call.

Jeremy: and another thing to talk about (now); what can we do for advocating this and how can we get more people trying out this stuff?

Larissa: I think we should think about this and make it a face 2 face topic.

We pushed is at OScon to get people to test it and some people said they would, but I haven't seen anything.

Jinmei: What do you mean by test?

Larissa: take one of the releases, install it somewhere and try to use it

Jinmei: In that sense we should first use it ourselves. I just installed it myself, and we do need to do this, and see where problems are ourselves. We should also write a blog or article about how we use it.

Jinmei: For now there is no real reason for people to try it, since we don't provide any features that BIND9 does not. So one way to get people to use it might be to provide at least one remarkable feature that 9 does not.

Jelte: one big feature that is actually missing is TSIG support; which is the reason I can't run it yet

Jinmei: yeah that needs to be done quite soon

Jinmei: I don't think it needs to be production quality yet for people to try it out

Larissa: Yeah there's always people that want to be early adopters and try out alpha stuff

Larissa: So we definitely need to set apart some time to talk about this at the f2f

Jinmei: should we talk about the mascot contest?

Larissa: The status is that the committee chose four entries, and we set up a poll (open for another 3 weeks)

Larissa: In addition to the votes, we got a lot of negative comments (ie. 'none of the above'), so we might need to take it back to the committee...

Larissa: I think that whatever we select, it may not be final; we will go back to the artist.

Jelte: but it would define the general theme, right?

Larissa: yes, and it would probably be done by the same artist, but we would ask them to do something a bit more directed.

Larissa: anything else?

Nothing else. Meeting adjourned at 15:37 UTC.

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