(roll call done, but noted on paper, will fill in later)

Shane is on holiday for three weeks, Larissa will handle the meeting.

Release schedule

Jeremy: first thing, milestones for last months release, three tickets still open. #70, #80, #99.

For this release, 18 open tickets, go to the wiki page, click on roadmap, then 'open tickets'.

For the calendar: the release is august 12th. Hopefully we'll do the same thing as last time, so we finish the coding on the friday the week before, and the next few days we focus on reviewing and handling review feedback. Get that finihsed on tuesday at the end of your work day (that's the 10th).

Jelte: we should try to start a little earlier

Larissa: so try to start on, say, thursday (the fifth).

Jeremy: right now we have at least ten tickets in review, so that could already be started

Jeremy: Also, for review we have a few unassigned tickets, so it would be nice if people could go to the roadmap page (for this release) and see what's unassigned and assign it to yourself.

For this release, I didn't see the major goals, so afaict there aren't specific ones for this release.

Larissa: I think a lot of them aren't happening for this time around. I'm not sure if Shane has that documented, if he does.

Likun: the secondary manager could be a feature, if it's agreed to merge it to trunk.

Jeremy: currently that one is unassigned (for review) And i think it's ready for review.

Likun: there is still one issue, about which i sent an e-mail today; (haven't set the master option for every zone, module does not know where the master is)

Jeremy: I have a couple of questions; will write access to data source be in this release? Jelte: Well the current version hasn't really been looked at yet (at least i have not seen any feedback yet), but even if *this* is included, it's not really used yet, since this is only c++, and everything that actualy writes to datasources is in python right now, so we'd need wrappers for it, which i can write but i'd probably need to drop the other things i'm doing right now... Jeremy: in that case i think there are more important things for now.

Jeremy: what about notify out? Likun: that works now Jeremy: is it ready for review? Likun: I think so, I planned it together with the review for the secondary manager

Jinmei: I have a question about notify out. How did you resolve the IP addresses of the nameserver Likun: we do a lookup in the data source, we need a library function for looking it up. Jinmei: so right now we cannot send one to out-of-zone nameservers? This might be subject of an architecture-level discussion, because it may not make sense to use the internal resolver like Bind9 does, because we may not be running it. One option is to statically configure the addresses, but there are other options, maybe we should discuss this in the f2f meeting.

Jeremy: I'd like to point out that the review process includes documentation.

Larissa: is there anything else?

Jinmei: #268 shane did some review, but then he went on vacation, so if someone could take it over, it would be great if we could get this into the next release. Jeremy: I'll make it unassigned for now, so that it is obvious.

Larissa: anything else? Likun: I have one question, who wants to review the code for the secondary manager and the notify out? Stephen: you can give it to me, since i'm not doing anything that's on the critical path at the moment Jinmei: by the way, how large is it? Likun: about 500 or 600 lines of code, not included unit tests Jinmei: that's sounds like a moderate size. I'm concerned about larger ones, since those take more time to review.

Jeremy: we got an email on the user list, i think he built python wrong, anyone else have the same idea? Jelte: Yeah I think python does not default to building enable-shared, I tried it on my system but i think it fell back to using the system ones Jeremy: Ok i'll reply to him

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