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    131131== AOB ==
     133'''Refactor Changelog category'''
    133135Shane: did we get consensus on Jinmei's proposal on the refactor category in the changelog?
    134137Jinmei: a few people made a comment, I don't think we have consensus.
    135139Jelte: I'm wondering if we need these messages at all
    136141Michael: It's mostly interesting to us, but not to outsiders, and we have access to the logs
    137143Jinmei: let me give you an example, what if we change a public function?
    138145Michael: that's a functional change
    139147Jinmei: In that sense, i agree, minor things should not go in the changelog file
    140149Jinmei: My question is, some might be refactoring, and whether we want to call them that way. Or if people don't care.
    141151Michael: For users, it's not interesting (we should have release notes btw), for programmers it is, but anyone can look to the repository logs, so in that sense a lot of changes don't need to go into the changelog.
    142153Jinmei: I guess that's a more general question; what is the purpose of Changelog?
    143155Michael: We also want to consider putting the changelog outside of branches, bind9 has the problem of several different changelog files right now.
    144157Shane: ok, so we won't add a refactoring tag to the list of of tags, based on the idea that it's an internal thing.
    145159Michael: right, if you're changing the API it's not a refactor anymore.
    147162Larissa: any other? No other other business.