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  • review tickets for this release
  • AOB

Open tickets

Since there are many open tickets for this release, it's too much to go through all of them one by one. Therefore we're asking people whether they have anything to say or ask with their tickets, or need help.


Likun: I think i can't finish all tickets, can make a list tomorrow.


Evan: Been on BIND9 for the past week, will be addressing hotspot review comments. If anything is more important right now, please tell me.

Shane: I think almost all of the rest are bugfixes.

Jeremy: Evan already did port configuration ticket, but this was before asio merge, so now it doesn't build and that needs to be fixed (ticket #167)

Evan: It was stalled because there weren't any unit tests.

Jeremy: The deadline is either thursday or friday night.

Shane: Thursday, that's the 24th.


Tingting has almost finished, waiting for confirmation from Feng and then the tickets can be updated.


Jeremy: I don't think every ticket will be closed, but i'll put comments in them why they weren't applicable. I will take the changes for a few specific tickets from tingtings branch and have them reviewed and merged separately (all her changes are in the same branch).

Jinmei: Yes. For the purpose of reviews it's generally better to have smaller changes.


Jelte: I've been mostly working on writables. But I'll address the rest of my tickets tomorrow and thursday.


Jinmei: I have some open issues but I think they are all minor. I'll finish 249, and am available for reviewing other things. Perhaps there's also more on notify ticket and hotspot.


Feng: Jinmei already finished the review for notify code, I will update the code.


Likun: I think Jerry already finished his tickets


Stephen: I completed the review on the python wrappers.


David: Will get started on the DHCP ticket(s) today. I think I'll have the schematic done (#195), not sure about the class definition (#196)

Jeremy: this is work we want done now, but is not for inclusion in the actual release?

Larissa: yes.

Jeremy: so that's also 163


Shane: will finish the BoB ticket (#180) on time.


Kambe: I have no problems.

Unassigned tickets

Jelte: There are a few unassigned tickets

Larissa: Yes, that was my next question. There are a few: 170 (proposal on stats), 172 (json for msgq), and 236 (a few renames)

Larissa: let's now assign these right now

Jeremy: next week would be too late

Stephen: well i can take one

Larissa: do you want msgq?

Stephen: sure.

Larissa: jinmei were you interested in 170

Jinmei: I think I can give some feedback, but I don't know how long it takes, and if I can do it completely in the timeframe.

Larissa: Well it's just a proposal, so just feedback would be good for now. So that leaves 236?

Jelte: and 226, but i think that's one been done in another ticket.

Shane: We will look at that on friday

Jelte: but 236 is new work, not review. But it's just a rename, so it's not really bad if we let this one slip

Shane: yes.


Refactor Changelog category

Shane: did we get consensus on Jinmei's proposal on the refactor category in the changelog?

Jinmei: a few people made a comment, I don't think we have consensus.

Jelte: I'm wondering if we need these messages at all

Michael: It's mostly interesting to us, but not to outsiders, and we have access to the logs

Jinmei: let me give you an example, what if we change a public function?

Michael: that's a functional change

Jinmei: In that sense, i agree, minor things should not go in the changelog file

Jinmei: My question is, some might be refactoring, and whether we want to call them that way. Or if people don't care.

Michael: For users, it's not interesting (we should have release notes btw), for programmers it is, but anyone can look to the repository logs, so in that sense a lot of changes don't need to go into the changelog.

Jinmei: I guess that's a more general question; what is the purpose of Changelog?

Michael: We also want to consider putting the changelog outside of branches, bind9 has the problem of several different changelog files right now.

Shane: ok, so we won't add a refactoring tag to the list of of tags, based on the idea that it's an internal thing.

Michael: right, if you're changing the API it's not a refactor anymore.

other Larissa: any other? No other other business.

Meeting closed at 17:45.

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