Ting Ting

AP from Previous Weeks

  • Jeremy to investigate logging bot for Jabber room

Jeremy: Michael had provided a style sheet, had some suggestions on how to improve it. Publish what I have now or wait for improvement?

Michael: It's on the test site I pointed to. You can grab it from there.

  • Michael to write blog entry about SQLite3


  • Shane will mail proposal about new categories and milestones to list.

Shane: Not done.

  • Michael to write mail with motivation & description of DNS conformance test.

Michael: Not done. Decided to include it in what I will be talking about in China in the form of slides & demos and stuff.

  • Jelte to write blog entry about Python wrapper.

Jelte: I do want to write that, but wait until we have a final decision and something more complete.

  • Evan to send mail to bind10-dev about adapting workflow to the tool rather than other way around

Jinmei: Saw mail about version control, but did not see workflow proposals.

Shane: Yeah...

  • Shane to find out how things get paid for in Beijing

Shane: Don't know, will find out tomorrow.

Y2r01 release

  • Mini-post mortem

Jeremy: Discussion will wait until face to face - 15 minutes to talk about steps gone through in last 2 releases.

Mascot Contest

Shane: Open to all. See announcement.

Face to Face meeting

Michael: I'd like to talk about "continuous integration" next week.


Jinmei: I'd like to know whether someone, especially Jeremy, has an update on ticket #148. This is about identifying Boost libraries in the configure script. I made a patch and put it in the review queue.

Jeremy: I saw this but have not had a chance to review it. Maybe I'll try it tomorrow morning, sorry for the delay.

Jinmei: Not urgent but I wasn't sure whether it is visible to others. I'm not sure if this is the right approach. It tries really hard so we can avoid explicit configuration. This might be too much.

Shane: I haven't looked at in specific, but in general I like things that try really hard. Having things "just work" is good.

Jinmei: Another point is that we might want to remove the dependency on the executable part of external libraries. In which case we don't need this type of hack at all.

Jelte: In fact I think these kind of things are an important reason not to depend on it.

Jeremy: One related comment: it seems like fewer and fewer of our small team is actually running all of the BIND 10 components. It comes down to only Likun, Jinmei, and myself are using xfrin and xfrout. Maybe we can discuss next week?

Jelte: I had compilation problems and I will try to run now.

Shane: I was being a bit lazy and will install the version on my server now.

Jelte: You need to really, really tell Boost to use Python 3.1. I can help. It's simple once you know how.

Shawn: Python wrapper writing tutorial might be useful.

Shane: Okay, will shift around.

Larissa: Makes sense since DHCP will have the same problem.

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