Notes from the last BIND 10 call before Y1 release.



Non-release Work

Shane: Larissa has been hard at non-code stuff, like press releases and updating the WWW page. I've also made a blog entry that Jeremy and Larissa have reviewed that will go up after the release.

Jelte: Will we say "not what we envision for the final product"?

Shane: Yes. Need to make a careful balance.

Review Status

Shane: There are 14 blocker tickets, mostly review.

Jeremy TODO list:

  • SQLite database in /tmp (in progress)
  • bindctl not seeing all available modules (maybe fixed)
  • Sample certificate & user account for cmdctl? (Shane says - for now install default)
  • Python library (for xfrin) untested, build doesn't make Python library (include but document that it is not complete)
  • Only unit tests run on Solaris platform (Jeremy will run today)
  • Lots of little things

Larissa: Do we have a "known issues" list?

Jeremy: I already have this, have asked developers for this. (After call started wikipage: KnownProblemsY1-bind10-devel-20100319.)

Likun: for Python we need Boost::Python libraries

Jelte: Libraries or just header files?

Likun: Libraries

Likun: DNS message Python binding library needs to be built and installed

TODO Shane to update Y1 page to reflect no xfrin/xfrout

Michael: Do we want Python tests today?

Jeremy: I would say not today.

Jeremy: Evan gave feedback on man page, that was useful. There are many todos in XML source, but at least the nroff versions should be usable. A 2nd set of eyes would be good.

Jeremy: Today create the real documentation directory on the bind10 site and put things in there so we have a consistent URL from now on.

Jeremy: If you are the owner of a blocker ticket then make a comment with the status. Or assign it to UNASSIGNED.

Jeremy: Will we just put it on the BIND 10 site?

Shane: Sure.

Michael: Reason why we are changing our model?

Shane: Not really, just because it is easier.

Larissa: The FTP part remains in control of the release engineer.

Shane: In that case we should just put it on the FTP site. Jeremy, do you have an account?

Jeremy: I think so.

Shane: Cool, plus we also get stats then. Do we collect stats?

Michael: There are logs.

Jeremy: If we're going to be rolling a new tarball every 4 to 6 weeks, we'll be uploading to the FTP and asking someone to sign?

Larissa: That's what we do for everything else.

Jeremy: It's just that it's a lot more frequent...

Jinmei: BTW, for BIND 9 snapshots are not signed.

Evan: Everything is signed when it goes public. Things that go to forum only are not signed.

Shane: We'll sign this, and our 4 to 6 week releases in the future, and put them on the FTP site.

Jinmei: Wondering about what we will do for the Y1 release branch. Are we going to use it for the release, or are we just using the trunk?

Michael: The way a normal project would work is we would branch the trunk.

Shane: I don't think we'll get the code reviewed and put into Y1.

Jinmei: I don't think it makes much sense. It takes a lot of time to move this code. Is it okay to just make a tarball from the trunk?

Shane: And use a tag I guess?

Jinmei: Probably. Realistically this is what we are going to do anyway, right?

Shane: I think that's true.

Jinmei: If we still prefer to use a branch that's okay, but I would like to be sure about the policy.

Jeremy: I mentioned to Shane that I don't think we'll get it all reviewed, so we'll have to release what's in the trunk now.

Michael: Is everything in the Trac?

Jeremy: It should be.

Jeremy: We shouldn't rush the reviews.

Michael: Would our time be better spent improving our tests?

Jeremy: I think neither. Going over the documentation, installing it, testing it. Using it as an administrator, and not even thinking as a developer. The documentation has a quick guide that should have all the basic steps.

Jinmei: Can I complete bug fixes and test code? I found buffer override kind of things.... even though these are not arbitrary code execution kind of bug.

Shane: Go ahead and submit bug fixes.

Michael: Just to be clear, we are making a branch off the trunk later today, and that is what we are going to release. After that, we need to make sure changes go to the release.

Jeremy: There won't be very many, if we're finished with the tarball tonight.

Jeremy: I don't have time for setting up the Python.

Shane: I would be very very happy if we could get the XFRIN stuff in this release.

Jinmei: What is necessary for that?

Likun: Can you help building the Python binding code to the message library? Will write message asking for this.

Jinmei: At least need to modify

Shane: I think so.

Jinmei: That is basically a trivial task.

Jinmei: How long can we spend for this kind of last-minute changes.

Shane: I guess about 7.5 hours?

Jeremy: I'm hoping to be unavailable tonight. It depends on how important it is for me to be available. Since a lot of this is rushed, but this is a prototype release anyway.

Shane: The initial impression is the most important thing.


  • Evan: ticket 105
  • Michael: read through docs
  • Jinmei: look at build for Python binding code
  • Jinmei: bugfixes and tests
  • Jeremy: doing cmdctl configuration

Jeremy: Do you want me to submit the tarball for signing before you look at it?

Shane: Let me have a look at it before it goes up.

Jeremy: Larissa, can you review my release notes on the Wiki page?

Larissa: Yes.

Jeremy: If you are the owner of a blocker ticket comment or assign it.

Jelte: I just declared the ticket I am owner of as "fixed"! I have to leave in an hour.

Michael: If you're not available and there is a big problem what do we do?

Shane: You can call me.

Larissa: Or me.

Jeremy: We've decided on a package name (bind10-devel) and version (20100319). Package name is also used to create /etc and /local/state and things like that. Is that a problem?

Michael: Will this blow over config files when they install the next version? Or will it go in a different directory?

Jeremy: No. If they wanted that they could use a "--prefix" option.

Shane: I think that's fine.

Jeremy: The reason is that we all know this is a development release, so we don't want people to blindly upgrade from BIND 9 to BIND 10.

Jeremy: When I create the branch, I will adjust configure, and also update build system to build from that branch. Shane: Branch *and* trunk?

Jeremy: Yes.

Jeremy: I'll branch in four hours.

Shane: So we don't have 7.5 hours, just 4 hours.

Jeremy: Yeah.

Next Week

No call, too many folks at the IETF.

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