Notes from the BIND 10 call.



AP from previous weeks

Jeremy to update blog article to include directory moves and publish it

My login no longer works. Waiting to get instructions to learn how to post on new website.

Shane to try to get logging for Jabber

Not yet?

Michael to write blog entry about SQLite3

Not here yet.

Shane to pick a date for the feature freeze

After 2010-03-09 00:00:00 UTC we no longer add new features.

Shane sent that in email on Tuesday. See it for details.

Shane to update the review process so that if you want someone to look at it you are no longer the owner

If you are waiting for someone to review, make sure you aren't the owner.

Y1 status

Regarding technical status.

Shane and Jelte? tested loading some old nl zone.

Current zone loader loads into memory first, but killed by out-of-memory.

Evan to start looking at NSEC3. Sha1 and Base32 implemented. Evan has a plan for this using database tables. Easier with different table? for NSEC3 nodes.

Michael working on class for TSIG signing. Hoping something done by Monday. Configuration. How to pass in keys. Signing is minor part.

EDNS0 is basically finished by Jinmei. Has DO bit. Initial code done. Needs more tests and doc is missing.

Likun working on XFR. Discussion in emails. API how to select? Do we have a plan to .... for API for year 1? Transfer code in Python. No datasource code on Python side yet.

(Missed discussion here -- too much noise on phone.)

Jelte to work on ...?

Report from CeBIT (if possible)

Shane and Jelte there. May get three articles about BIND 10.


  • code needs reviewed
  • bug fixes that go along with that
  • code needs to be in a release branch
  • code needs to be in a release state
  • some development as we find out, emphasis is not on new features though


  • Jeremy wanted to talk about this but call was ended.

Trunk restructure

  • michael says so close, may cause disruption, so suggests do later.


Larissa researching DimDim? instead of WebEx?.

Datasource location not configurable yet. Jelte has code for that, not in trunk yet.

Over at :42 after.

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