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    108108Jinmei: A little bit afraid of implications of using library with different compilers, so in future we may have to provide additional interfaces that only use the plain old data structure like char-based string. Something for the future.
     110== msgq ==
     111Review ticket #22 submitted. No further activity.
     113Likun: Have 3 versions... Ruby, Python, or C++. C++ hasn't been used until now. Do we plan on using the C++ version  in the future?
     115Jelte: Python version is what we will use in the near future. If it's not fast enough then we'll make a new version.
     117Jeremy: Can the C version be removed from the trunk?
     119Jelte: Will remove it right now.
     121'''AP''' Michael to update ticket to indicate what exactly is to be reviewed (like which directory)
     124== Configuration ==
     125Jelte: Some small ideas this week, no news.
     128== Command & Control ==
     129Likun: committed code, now bindctl talks to command & control. When BIND 10 start-up command & control is last process started. When commmand/control started it gathers configuration information, then bindctl connects to command/control through RESTful API. Not enough documentation about implementation - no ready for merge. Will try to add document as soon as possible.
     131Shane: all in Python?
     133Likun: yes
     135Shane: has tests, like for BigTool?
     137Likun: yes, plan to add more
     139Likun: Jelte, have changed some implementation for the config manager. You can check some code for zone add & delete.
     141Jelte: Do I need to re-add that or...?
     143Likun: If you think you need it, you can re-add it.
     145Jelte: I personally use it. Not in code but in setting up my test environment.
     148== Statistics ==
     149Kambe: committed some code for statistics in experimental repository. Simple SNMP agent which takes number from local file and returns the process ID. Please give comments!
     151Jinmei: does it work with server-side implementation? For example, the parking lot demo?
     153Kambe: maybe...
     155Shane: was a bit worried when I saw that it was C... but needs to be  C++
     157Jinmei: can't it be Python?
     159Shane: Oh yes, but it can't be C... I think the issue was that we couldn't get the Python SNMP library to work, in that case it makes sense to use a C or C++ library
     161Shane: I also had a look at the statistics mail from Fujiwara-san.
     163Jeremy: I had some thoughts on that. Maybe we need to figure out which BIND 9 statistics are applicable to the authoritative server, and then make a checklist to implement those. And for first attempt make an identical XML output.
     165Shane: That seems like a reasonable approach. Unless we have some thoughts about changing statitics, then implementing what we have
     166seems a good first start.
     168Michael: open-ended questions are bad
     170'''Face-to-face topic''': statistics
     172== BoB ==
     173Shane: Added some tests. Worried that tests are a bit complicated.
     175Jelte: Have already a similar problem using the message channel. Hard to unit test without a fake message channel around.
     177Shane: Should we create a fake message channel for testing?
     179Jelte: In the end I think we will have to.
     181Shane: So this is not a fake msgq, but a pre-defined API for testing.
     183Michael: good thing for discussion agenda items...
     185'''Face-to-face topic''': testing techniques
     187= Data Source =
     188Michael: (via Jabber)
     190Here's what I have to report:  I did a lot of trial and error trying
     191to come up with a slab-format that would allow easy and efficient
     192rendering from a database blob to a dns message.  Turns out I think I
     193have one, but it's not simple, and isn't a blob just yet, but could be
     194one easily enough.
     196I also tried a bit to write a
     197sqlite database back-end, but C++ won that battle, and I never got it
     198working.  It's on my laptop though, so will come with me to the
     202Jelte: after discussions I made some form of half-way between original proposal and ideal one, implemented that in my own branch, jelte-ds<mumble> (the only branch that starts with "jelte"). Yesterday I was a bit stuck with things not implemented in old version of DNS name API. Worked around for now, and working parking lot in branch again, can actually return NXDOMAIN if you ask for something configuring.
     204Jelte: Working on Data Source API while using the parking lot as a backend. Looking at how to add glue - higher level function, not a part of the higher level API but may turn into one later.
     206More discussion on the mailing list is very welcome.
     208Shane: Where do you think we'll be before next week?
     210Jelte: In a plane? ;) Still have a full day of work tomorrow... but kind of where we are now.
     212= AOB =
     213Jeremy: Maybe a week or so did some Python code coverage reports. Wondering if anybody has thoughts on those... which branches to do them at...
     215Shane: I'd like to see it for the parking lot stuff...
     217Jeremy: Report didn't look as nice as the lcov. Will post again to Jabber.
     220Jeremy: Slowly started working on manual pages. In the long run, will probably do in docbook. For now just in man doc (not good because some some Unixes don't have mandoc format).
     223Jeremy: Working on being able to run parking lot from installation rather than from source tree. Should be done by end of next week.
     225Jeremy: If you do "make install" you can do "man bindctl".
     228Jinmei: Next Friday there will be a sushi buffet party. If someone is interested, I can make a group to have it. Jelte showed interest so if you want to join please let me know.