BIND 10 DHCP Sprint Planning Call

3 January 2013, ~09:45 PST/12:45 EST/17:45 GMT/18:45 CET




Stephen said that The meeting with the project sponsor is just under three weeks away, so we need to come up with a plan for delivery and testing. We still have development tasks outstanding:

Option definition implementation

Marcin identified the following tasks as outstanding and had supplied estimates for them:

  • #2317 - V4 & V6: Create Option Definitions using Config Manager (2d)
  • #2591 - V4: include configured options in responses to a client (1d)
  • #2313 - V4 & V6: Option Space Object (1d)
  • #2319 - V4 & V6: Create Option Space using Config Manager (2d)
  • #2315 - V4 & V6: Extensions to option lookup (exposes API to query options and definitions using various params) (3d)
  • #2314 - V4 & V6: Namespace encapsulation by option (suboptions) (3d)

This is a total of 12 days, which takes us to 18 January. Marcin was fairly sure about the estimate: #2313 in the review queue and #2315 half-way complete.

V4 implementation

As Tomasz had not taken additional holiday during Christmas, he had more or less completed the work. Owing to the absence of reviewers in that period, all the work is on one branch, #2320. This is awaiting review.

Other Tasks

Other outstanding tasks are:

  • #2559 - configuring database options. This seems to have run into a problem with the parsing of the configuration database.
  • #2486 - not receiving packets on Centos. Tomasz had not looked at it yet.
  • #2558 - fromJSON not able to handle 32-bit integer. muks is looking at it.

Missing Tasks

After the discussion, the following missing tasks were identified:

  • Configuration of server ID. Ideally, the server should generate its own ID and store it for future reference. At present, there appears to be no way of doing this in BIND 10 (there is no defined way of having the server store information in anything other that the DNS/DHCP database). As a short-term workaround, the server ID can be configured using option definitions.
    Action Tomasz - raise this issue on the BIND 10 list
  • A further problem is that the server ID must be present for the server to run. But unless the system autogenerates it, any checks would cause the server to fail when started, which would preclude configuration. Stephen said that this was something that could be addressed later, all that is required at the moment is a workaround.
    Action Stephen - create ticket for this issue
  • For directly connected V6 operations, there is no way of tying the subnet declaration with the interface. One way would be to restrict the number of subnets to 1 and require connections only over the appropriate interface. The other would be to add an extra parameter to the subnet declaration defining the interface. After discussion, it was decided to go with this:
    Action Stephen - create ticket for this


Stephen said that we have to organise testing. He divided this into four areas:

General Stability Tests

Running a subset of the tests we run for DHCP4 to see if the server can hand out leases. This involves:

  • Getting the scripts working for Kea
  • Running a subset of the tests

Thomas would be looking at this

Functionality & Performance Tests

These are described in the Test Plan.

Action Stephen - break these tests down in groups and create a ticket for each one.


  • Tomasz - raise issue of storage of server information on the BIND 10 list
  • Stephen - create ticket for issue of server ID creation and storage (Note added after meeting - this is ticket #2597)
  • Stephen - create ticket for issue of V6 subnet/interface declarations (Note added after meeting - this is ticket #2596)
  • Stephen - break these tests down in groups and create a ticket for each one.(Note added after meeting - these are tickets #2598 through #2607)
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