BIND 10 DHCP Sprint Planning Call

13 December 2012, ~09:45 PST/17:45 GMT/18:45 CET



Review of Past Sprint

Nine tickets had been completed. One was in review (#2526 - V4 option definitions) and two had not been started (#2486 - DHCP not receiving packets on Centos, and #2314 - namespace encapsulation by option).

Project Progress

Allocation engine: the renewal code (#2325) had been merged, and Tomasz was now working on the release code (#2326). After that, he would start on the expiration code (#2327); he expected to finish it soon then tackle the V4 allocation engine before the new year. (A lot is similar to the V6 allocation engine, which he will be able to adapt.) The Centos problem would be addressed once he had finished that.

Options: V6 options are now completed, and Marcin had been waiting for #2270 (V4 configuration parser) before starting the V4 options. Before the new year, he suggested that he should tackle tickets #2544 (V4 options configuration parser), #2317 (setting option definitions from configuration manager) and #2545 (option value decoding). This leaves option spaces (tickets #2313, #2314 and #2319) for the new year.

Stephen had completed the MySQL backend (#2404) and miscellaneous updates to the lease manager (#2546).

Tickets for Next Sprint

All unfinished tickets would be taken across. In addition, the following would be added:

  • The remaining allocating engine tickets would be added - #2327 and the V4 tickets: #2320/#2321/#2322/#2323
  • V4 option tickets (#2317, #2544, #2545)
  • #2549 (using the new IOAddress::fromBytes() method - this should be trivial)
  • A new ticket would be created to configure the database access parameters. (Note added after the meeting - this is #2559.)
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