BIND 10 DHCP Sprint Planning Call

10 October 2012, ~09:30 PDT/17:30 BST/18:30 CEST



Review of Last Sprint

Six tickets closed. Five tickets are in review.

Active tasks: Stephen is working on the SQL definitions, Marcin on option definition and Tomasz on the handling of the configuration.

Progress Against Plan

Stephen's estimate is that we are 2-3 weeks behind schedule.

Interim Release at End of October

Stephen wants to be able to get together an interim release by the end of October to meet the deadline of getting something to Comcast by mid-November. (The early part of November will be taken up with IETF-85.)

Tomasz suggested that he needed a couple of days to finish the configuration code. He should be able to get enough of the allocation engine completed in four weeks to have an interim release working. That leaves the back-end database code, and Stephen said he would do that.


We will test Kea against ISC DHCP clients, but Stephen wondered if there were some other tools we could use. Two were suggested for functional testing:

In addition, we will use perfdhcp for performance testing.

We can also investigate the Tahi Suite.

Action: Stephen - look at dhcping
Action:Jeff - look at Tahi Suite

Tickets for Next Sprint

  • All unfinished tickets will be taken through
  • Marcin will generate the tickets for the option definition implementation.
  • Tomasz will expand #2141 into a number of separate tickets for the allocation engine.
  • Stephen will generate the tickets for the MySQL back-end implementation.

Meeting with Comcast

A progress meeting with Comcast has been scheduled for 12 October.

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