Kea Sprint Planning Meeting - 17 September 2012



Status of Current Sprint

Four tickets closed.

Five in review:

  • #1960 - perfdhcp integration, awaiting review by Stephen
  • #2140 - Abstract API for lease database, awaiting first review
  • #2229 - DDNS requirements - awaiting update by Stephen
  • #2230 - perfdhcp documentation. Approved, awaiting integration into master.
  • #2238 - Pool/Lease configuration for IPv6 - awaiting first review


This is virtually complete, with a couple of tickets still to do.

  • #1960 - perfdhcp integration
  • #2187 - remove "cout" statements for libdhcp++

Only the minimum should be done to complete it - Marcin needs to move onto Kea ASAP. However, there are a couple of issues:

  • A timeout test on OpenBSD fails - the system times out after a number of seconds, not the two seconds requested. An option is to disable this test on OpenBSD.

Action: Marcin - discuss this issue with Jeremy

  • A test of the perfdhcp command parsing logic fails when running on the MacMini, but only from within the builder script - when running separately, it does not fail. Marcin is still looking at this.


  • Regarding the pool/lease configuration, missing are tickets to handle the parsing of the configuration. Tickets #2239 and #2240 only cover the storage and retrieval of it. New tickets (#2269 and #2270) have been created for the configuration parsing.
  • Tomasz said that the database-indepent logic of the lease API will be done after the implementation of the first backend - it will be easier to test.

Action: Stephen - confirm that MySQL will be the first database back end implemented.

  • Some tickets in the DHCP 2012 milestone are duplicates of some of the perfdhcp ones.

Action: Marcin - review these tickets and close duplicates


Carried forwards from last meeting (not discussed here):

  • Stephen - review #2143
  • Shane - review #2143
  • Stephen - send performance report to project sponsors & arrange meeting
  • Marcin - update BIND 10 ChangeLog as part of final perfdhcp task
  • Stephen - create tasks for configuration support
  • Stephen - update project plan with new staff assignments

From this meeting:

  • Marcin - discuss OpenBSD timeout issue with Jeremy
  • Stephen - confirm that MySQL will be the first database back end implemented.
  • Marcin - review DHCP 2012 and close duplicates
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