Kea Sprint Planning Meeting - 3 September 2012



Status of Current Sprint

Five tickets completed.

Database Performance Measurements

Regarding the assessment of the performance of different database back ends, the write-up was in #2143, which was awaiting review. Stephen would review it. Shane was also asked to look at it, given that BIND 10 DNS had had similar database problems.

Action Stephen - review #2143
Action Shane - review #2143

The report contains a place covering further optimisations, to which any comments could be added.

After reviews, Stephen will send a copy of the report to the project sponsors, and ask for a meeting.

Action Stephen - send performance report to project sponsors & arrange meeting.

It was suggested that the tools used for the benchmarking could be useful for end users. However, it was felt that they are not "polished" enough, nor do they have documentation. Although the code can be left in the BIND 10 tree, it was agreed that they should not be formally released (yet).


Tomasz is reviewing #1959 (perfdhcp control logic): it is a large ticket, but should be finished this week.

#1960 (final integration) is being worked on by Marcin.

A new ticket is needed for the perfdhcp documentation. (Note added after the meeting - this is ticket #2230.)

Two other task need completing before perfdhcp is finished:

  • #2187 (removal of "cout" statements from libdhcp++). Initially it was intended that this be covered by #1545 (add BIND 10 logging calls) but a previous meeting decided that like libdns++, libdhcp++ is aimed at stand-alone programs as well as BIND 10. Error messages should be converted to exceptions. As it is uncertain whether any additional diagnostic tools will be added to libdhcp++, for now the remaining "count" statements should just be commented out (and an explanation of this added to the file header).
  • A new task to allow sub-second timeouts to be specified in the interface manager "receive4()" and "receive6()" methods. (Note added after the meeting: this is ticket #2231.)

It is possible that the work will be finished by the end of the week. After that, Marcin will work on the DHCP4 testing tool before going back to Kea full time.

perfdhcp will be ready to be released with BIND 10 at the end of the month, and information about it will be included in the release notes. Marcin will also update the ChangeLog when the final perfdhcp task is complete.

Action Marcin - update BIND 10 ChangeLog as part of final perfdhcp task

Other Remaining Tasks

  • #2140 - Abstract API. The code is almost ready for review, hours more to get it finished.
  • #1545 - Logging in DHCP. As agreed above, logging will not occur in libdhcp++, only in higher level programs.
  • #1609 - Object Review. Shane has now assigned the task to hinself.

Tasks for Next Sprint

Ticket #2141 is the database-independent parts of the API, and this covers the lease allocation. However, this is quite a big task, so Tomasz needs to create smaller tickets for this.

Note added after the meeting: #2141 has been redefined as a ticket covering the specification of the smaller tasks and the creation of tickets. The task specified in the SoW is now covered by #2141 and the yet-to-be-created tickets.

Ticket #2142 covers the creation of the database. However, as we need to agree with the project sponsor on the first database to be implemented, it was agreed that this should be deferred until that has been chosen.

Other Issues

One task in the SoW issues to the sponsor is programmer documentation: this is awaiting completion of #2141.

While awaiting the decision regarding database, work can begin on the two remaining tasks in this phase of the project:

  • Configuration support - allow server to pick up config parameters.
  • Option definition

It was suggested that the configuration support should be done before the database backend is implemented (as the implementation needs to pick up various parameters).

Action Stephen - create tasks for configuration support

The option definition is split into design and implementation stages. At 7 days (estimated), the design task is a bit big, so it will be split into two tasks (for V4 options and V6 options).

Note added after the meeting: V4 options are covered by ticket #2232, V6 options by ticket #2233.

Regarding the allocation of staff to SoW tasks in the project plan, Tomasz noted that most of the tasks in the address allocation part of the code are sequential. He suggested that it would be logical for him to do the address allocation code and Marcin to handle all the option definition. Stephen agreed and will update the project plan.

Action Stephen - update project plan with new staff assignments

Summary of Actions

  • Stephen - review #2143
  • Shane - review #2143
  • Stephen - send performance report to project sponsors & arrange meeting
  • Marcin - update BIND 10 ChangeLog as part of final perfdhcp task
  • Stephen - create tasks for configuration support
  • Stephen - update project plan with new staff assignments
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