Kea Sprint Planning Meeting - 10 August 2012



IETF Update

Stephen gave a brief review of the meeting with Comcast at IETF-84. The sponsorship money will be signed off. Mailing lists will be created to keep in contact with the sponsors.


The current version of the project plan was presented. The first phase of the work requires both Tomasz and Marcin and is due for completion at the end of 2012. The second phase, due at the end of May 2013, requires an as-yet indentified additional developer.

Project to Date

Of the tasks on the project plan that should have been completed by now:

  • Pool/lease storage requirements document: Complete
  • Pool/lease design document: Awaiting Stephen to add a section on DDNS (ticket #1648)
  • Prototype database performance measurements (#2040, #2041, #2042, #2143):
    • Prototypes have been implemented, we have results
    • Need to address review comments (about using prepared statements)
    • Project task "Repeat SQL performance tests": they have been run once and will be run again after the update (so this is about 50% complete).
  • SQL design: mostly done - need to check that the design (both SQL and pool/lease store) is complete.


Larissa suggested that we should be ahving a daily team call in true "Sprint" methodology now that the project will involve two developers. Stephen will consider this when he returns from holiday.

For various reasons (holiday, IETF etc.) only one ticket was completed in the last sprint, #1958. All the remaining tickets will be taken through:

  • #1648 - Need Stephen's input to close the task, but this is not holding anything up.
  • #1708 - Awaiting merge into master (scheduled for next week)
  • #2040, #2041, #2042, #2143 - see above
  • #1959, #1960 - Marcin will finish the refactoring of perfdhcp.

Regarding #1545 (logging in DHCP), it was agreed that since libdhcp++ will be used in perfdhcp, it would be better if there were no logging statements in it - any errors should be signalled bye exceptions. A new task was added:

  • #2187 - Remove "cout" from libdhcp++ ("TODO" comments will be left in if some logging is needed: that will be addressed in #1545, which is now dependent on this ticket).


After completing the refactor of perfdhcp, Marcin will spend some time completing the DHCP test automation before moving on to Kea.

We need to allocate some time to look at performance measurement code likely to be contributed by one of our customers. If the licence is right, this may eliminate the need to further develop performance testing code. Alternatively, it may inspire us to add more features to perfdhcp.

The current DHCP4 code allows a single client to simulate multiple clients - this will prove useful in testing.

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