Kea Sprint Planning Meeting - 12 June 2012



Review of Previous Sprint

Some holidays in this sprint, wih Marcin on holiday for one day, and both Marcin and Tomek having a national day holiday. (Stephen also had two national day holidays in that period.)

#1955 and #1956 have been completed, although there is a Solaris issue (Marcin is looking at it). Work on #1957 has started.

Three tickets have been closed (#1503, #2012, #2017). #1651 is under review. A start has been made on #1545.

Also up for review is #1648, which is the pool/lease database design (DhcpPoolLeaseDesign). Everyone was urged to review it and to add comments to the ticket: the is ther first task of the Comcast-funded second stage of the project, so needs to be completed ASAP as it is a precursor for other tasks.

Tasks for Next Sprint

All existing tasks were taken through

  • #1545 Use BIND 10 logging in DHCP
  • #1609 Review object breakdown of DHCP code
  • #1648 Abstract pool/lease store: design
  • #1651 Integrate DHCP4 process startup into BIND 10
  • #1708 Integrate DHCP6 process startup into BIND 10
  • #1957 Implement perfdhcp Interface Manager

Added to the list were

  • #1958 perfdhcp statistics
  • #1959 perfdhcp control logic
  • #1960 perfdhcp integration

In the Kea project plan, the task following the design is the prototyping of the database/performance measurements. A task breakdown for this has yet to be produced: Stephen will discuss this with Tomek tomorrow and include some tasks on the sprint.

Additional Developer

Shane and Joao had a meeting with CNNIC last week, at which CNNIC indicated an interest in providing someone to help out with the development of Kea. The details have to be clarified, but at the moment it seems that this effort will be available on a part-time basis.

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