Kea Sprint Planning Meeting - 30 May 2012



Review of Previous Sprint

Closed five tickets, with one ticket in review (and likely to be closed soon). #1651 (integrate DHCP startup into BIND 10) has taken longer than expected, owing to the need to the interaction with boost::asio, however this is now mostly complete. #1956 (IPv6 packet handling in perfdhcp) is still in progress, with unit tests being worked upon. Should be finished in a couple of days.

Outstanding tickets are:

  • #1955 - IPv6 packet handling in perfdhcp
  • #1609 - High-level object review

Shane will do #1609 if he has time before his trip to the far east.

Tasks for Next Sprint

The following tasks were selected:

  • #1955 - IPv6 packet handling in perfdhcp. Hopefully the logic from #1956 can be copied
  • #1957 - perfdhcp interface manager.
  • #1503 - specifying port number. This will be carried through.
  • #1651 - integrate DHCP startup into BIND 10. This will be carried through
  • #1708 - integrate DHCP6 startup into BIND 10.
  • #1545 - use BIND 10 logging in DHCP

In addition, a new task will be created for the review and completion of the lease/pool database requirements. (Note added after the meeting - this is task #2012)

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