Kea Sprint Planning Meeting - 14 May 2012



Discussion of Kea Project Plan

Stephen had sent round an updated project plan for Kea development in the rest of 2012. This had taken into account holidays and conferences, and had adjusted utilisation to roughly 80% (i.e. assumes that people work on the project for four days a week, the fifth being allocated to other tasks). In a bid to get a working implementation of the server by the end of the year, everything had been removed leaving only:

  • Basic server logic
  • Abstract lease database interface
  • Concrete implementation of data source
  • Option definition
  • (Some) performance prototyping and reworking

However, this still indicated completion after the year end.

After some discussion, it was agreed that since the scope of had been reduced, the time allowed for performance measurements and system testing could also be reduced (with a consequent increase in the time allowed for these tasks in the next phase of the project). Stephen will produce an updated project plan based on this. Tomasz asked that the updated SoW make clear what was not being done, in particular DHCPv6 relay support.

Past Sprint

Two tickets still in review:

  • #1950 had just been completed - it was closed in this meeting.
  • #1967 is almost complete, just a couple of minor issues.

With the closing of #1950, 10 tickets had been closed (the highest so far in any DHCP sprint).

Next Sprint

For the main Kea work, all existing tickets would be taken through:

  • #1967 is in review, almost complete
  • #1651 - there are problems with this ticket owing to the incompatibility of Asio used in BIND 10 and the "select()" model used here. Will take about another four days to complete.
  • #1281, #1301, #1503 estimated to take about two days (total) to complete.

... for an estimated six days of work (Tomasz is attending the ENOG meeting next week so will not be available for the full sprint).

Regarding the perdhcp work, the following tickets were added:

  • #1954 - refactor command parser (est 2 days)
  • #1955 - refactor IPv4 packet handling (est 3 days)
  • #1956 - refactor IPv6 packet handling (est 4 days)

One more ticket was added, #1609: this is a review of the object model used by the DHCP software.

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