Kea Sprint Planning Meeting - 7 May 2012



Status of Estimates

The current state of the proposals to UPC and Comcast for funding were discussed.

Sprint Planning

The current BIND 10 DNS sprint ends on Tuesday 22 May. The aim is to plan for a one-week sprint ending a week today. With Marcin having joined the team, the aim is to have two development tracks:

  • perfdhcp
  • Kea


Marcin had produced a task breakdown for perfdhcp refactoring based on the original effort: this was accepted without change. Tasks scheduled for the current sprint are:

  1. Familiarize with perfdhcp build environment (1 day, #1950)
  2. Familiarize with perfdhcp implemented functionality (1 day, #1951)
  3. Setup virtual machines and install Kea (1 day, #1952)
  4. Setup DHCP4 for selected OS and try perfdhcp (1 day, #1953)

It was agreed that any results that could be of use to new developers would be documented on a separate page on the wiki.

Additional tasks had been identified: these will be added as tasks to the milestone DHCP 2012 and included in future sprints.

  1. Implement CommandParser + unit-tests (2 days, #1954)
  2. PacketHandler4(Dhcp4) (3 days, #1955)
  3. PacketHandler6(Dhcp6) (4 days, #1956)
  4. IfaceMgr(Io) (3 days, #1957)
  5. StatsMgr(Statistics) (2 days, #1958)
  6. PerfdhcpMgr(Manager) (4 days, #1959
  7. Build Scripts update and cleanup (2 days, #1960)


All the tasks currently in review will be taken through. #1531 concerns the setting up of doxygen-based programmer documentation. This will be assigned to Jeremy for comments.

Additional tasks in the sprint:

  • #1503 - option to specify port number. (This will allow tests to be done without the requirement to use a privileged port).
  • #1301 - this is a bug fix.
  • #1651 - Integrate DHCPv4 startup into BIND 10.

Meeting Day

Currently Kea meeting are on Mondays at 11:00 Pacific Time. There was no desired to change this.

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