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    4343#1485/#1486 (IOAddress issues) were considered in light of comments by Jinmei.  It was observed that the socket handling in BIND 10 DNS is quite simple, whereas DHCP requires more low-level access to the sockets and needs to make a distinction between V4 and V6 sockets.  From this it was concluded that use of the IOAddress class was not best for DHCP, and that something else would be needed.  A ticket would be added to come up with a proposal for alternatives (which is likely to result in these tickets being withdrawn).
     45''Note added after meeting: #1709 has been created for this.''
    4547* #1503 - specify port number on V4 and V6 daemons.  Ultimately this information will come through the configuration channel; for now though, the change is needed for testing.
    5961=== Work in a Future Sprint ===
    60 Shawn has been considering the implications of our [wiki:
     62Shawn has been considering the implications of our [DhcpHooks hooks proposal] and how a user would use it to control the address given to a client.  Although the callout could interact with the pool database, Shawn felt that a better way would be for the callout to select a class based on the contents of the packet, then have the main code consult a pre-configured class list and select the address based on that.
    62 future sprint (Shawn)
    63 trying to figure out how to use hooks to get address
    64 one way is to not to base it on hook fro addressing, use hook before that.
    65 had it to user, they set class
    66 We use class to find address
    67 Bypasses issue of what if they give us an address we are not responsible for.
    68 Would simplify the hook type stuff.
    69 Strongly suggested way - should be a much easier way to do things.
     64This bypasses issues such as the callout returning an address that the server is not responsible for.  And although we could leave in the option of address selection, we could strongly recommend that it is not the desired way to do things.
    71 What we call a class is something else - give the customer the way to say that this client belongs to this category, use this set of adddresses.  Could wire own code.
    72 on campuses, given phones short leases.
    74 would it ok to split ticket to 1651 into two - one for v4 and v6.
     66''Note added after the meeting: Action - Shawn to add suggestion to list of open questions on the [DhcpHooks hooks page].'''