DHCP Sprint Planning Meeting: 2012-02-06



Comcast Support

They appear to have accepted the proposal and we expect the contract to be signed soon.

Past Sprint

We closed no tickets in the past sprint (due to Tomasz being the only person working on it and having to deal with DHCPv4 work as well).

Tickets that were in the sprint:

  • #1540 (DHCP code refactor) now being reveiewed by Stephen
  • #1634 (Lease database requirements) now into review. Can everyone please look at the requirements document and leave their comments on the ticket.
  • #1633 (Code does not compile on OS X 10.7) Not yet started.

Next Sprint

The next sprint will end on 20 February 2012. All the current tickets are taken through. Additional tickets are:

  • #1648 (Lease database design) Expect the requirements document to be finished this sprint, so start work on the design.
  • #1528 (Linux interface detection refactoring)
  • #1609 (Review object breakdown of DHCP code) This required #1540 to be completed first.
  • #1295 (use size_t instead of unsigned int) Trivial fix
  • #1282 (replace int with uint16_t) Trivial fix
  • Task to get DHCP started up in the same way as other BIND 10 processes. (Note added after the meeting: this is ticket #1651.)

Task #1058 (get configuration from the BIND 10 configuration database) will be deferred until the completion of the integration of the DHCP code with BIND 10.

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