DHCP Sprint Planning Meeting: 2011-11-09



Sprint Ending 2011-11-09

Did we meet the objectives?

The contents of the sprint can be seen here. The objectives were:

  • Complete DHCPv4 packet library
    • #1228 (packet library option processing) is complete
    • #1350 (dedicated V4 options) has been reviewed, should be done tomorrow
    • Feature should be completed when #1350 is merged.
  • Complete low-level network layer (except for interface detection)
    • Ticket #1361 (Interface test fails on NetBSD) is related to this, but it is a bug raised in the DNS side. This has been fixed, although there are a couple of issues that Tomasz needs to talk to Jinmei about.
    • Work on the low-level network layer has started. There is code that opens sockets, but we need to improve the interface manager.
    • Work on #1238 (V4 socket binding) has started.
    • There is a question about creating sockets, as one of the options used is only available on Linux. It was agreed that the code should be #ifdef'ed out on other operating systems (as this release is only aimed at Linux).
  • Substantially complete benchmarking
    • Iterations on writing option processing. Middle of rewriting interface in accordance with code review. Should be done today.
    • Question raised about BIND 9 code guidelines compliance (as the BIND 10 guidelines are C++). It was agreed that the BIND 10 coding guidelines should be modified to say that for things not explicitly dealt with in the BIND 10 guielines, the BIND 9 guidelines should be used.

Where are we in the project?

  • Packet library complete apart from option.
  • Working on sending/receiving data
  • Shawn has looked at the hooks document and should be able to add V4-related hooks in the upcoming sprint.


  • The idea of deferring the hooks document for the relay was raised with Comcast in September but not agreed by them. We need to chase this up. Stephen will flag this with Joao.

Are we likely to be able to complete by end December?

Only major feature not started is the state machine, and that should be very simple in a skeleton server. The "gut feeling" is that we can do it.

Tasks for Next Sprint (due to end 2011-11-23)

All unfinished tasks are taken through, plus #992 (DHCP IPv4 server as a BIND 10 component). #1223 (documentation of the packet library) will be put on the back-burner.

Comcast SoW for 2012

Comcast have said that they will provide more funding for BIND 10 DHCP in 2012. Stephen is working with Kathy on the statement of work (SoW) and will send round a copy of the draft to everyone today.


Tomasz is at IETF-82 next week, so will be working for less than a week on this sprint.

Tomasz sent an email to bind10-dev create several Trac subcomponents for classifying tickets, but no-one has responded. Shane agreed to create them.

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