DHCP Sprint Planning Meeting: 2011-10-26



Sprint Ending 2011-10-26

Did we meet the objectives?

The contents of the sprint can be seen here.

  • Packet library - completed just about everything
    • Framework for options is complete
    • In progress things are virtually complete, awaiting review
    • Adding the options will take another 1-2 days.
  • Benchmarking - not complete
    • Now integrated into BIND 10 build
    • Working on the command-line parser
    • Some problems in building using C++ compiler

Anything that could be done better?

No - reviews were OK.

Current Status & Projection

Where are we in the project?

  • Not doing the hooks definition for relay document still has to be confirmed by Comcast.
  • Still need V4 entries in the server hooks document - Shawn will gauge how much time will be needed to add that.

Are we likely to be able to complete by end November?

Discussion side-tracked by project status document - no conclusion reached

Tasks for Next Sprint

All unfinished tasks are taken through.

For the main DHCP code, the plan is to:

  • Start with low-level network layer
  • Implement state machine
  • Do the remainder

To achieve this, #1238, #1239, #1240, #1350 are added to the Sprint.

Comcast SoW

Thanks for the estimates, now need to decide what is most important to fit in with the funding.

Time of Next Meeting

Next week's meeting will remain at 11:PST. However, due to the one-week disparity between Europe and the USA as to when the clocks go back, that will correspond to 18:00 GMT (19:00 CET)

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