DHCP Sprint Planning Meeting: 2011-10-12



Sprint Ending 2011-10-12

What has been achieved in this sprint?

The contents of the sprint can be seen here.

The task #1186 is still incomplete (awaiting second review) so won't be included in the release of BIND 10 taking place this week.

Work status

Where are we in the work for phase 1 of the [DHCPGrandPlan DHCP Grand Plan]?

  • DHCP Packet library v6 - review still in progress.
  • DHCP packet library v4 - not started yet.
  • DHCP v4 state machine - not started.
  • DHCP v6 state machine - complete.
  • Hook definitions for the relay - confirm with Comcast that this can be deferred (the relay is not scheduled until Year 3).
  • Hook definitions for the server - no feedback from Comcast. However, the document still needs the inclusion of hook definitions for DHCPv4.
  • DHCP benchmark tools - No progress yet.
  • Option definition framework design - not started yet
  • Low-level network layer - no change from last time (API and V6 components complete, V4 components and Linux interface detection not yet started).

What will be in the next release of BIND 10?

Nothing new from DHCP V10. However, once it has been incorporated, people who want to test it can download a copy of the git repository using anonymous access (see here for details).

Next Sprint - Ending 2011-10-26

Goals for the Sprint

  • Benchmarking started
  • V4 version of packet library. (Tomasz thought this is just possible in two weeks.)

Tasks carried through from last sprint

All tasks are carried through, although #1233 (Server hook design) will be put as low priority for now.

Tasks to be added to the sprint

All tasks related to the V4 packet library (#1223 to #1228) will be added.

In discussing the tasks, the question of whether we could get MAC address information from the UDP layer was raised. The current code has code to build Ethernet and UDP header. Would be great if we could avoid it in BIND 10. (It was thought that we may not need it if we can do broadcasts.)

SoW for 2012

Comcast has indicated that they want a statement of work (SoW) prepared for work in 2012, to be ready by the next IETF meeting (November). After some discussion, the following was agreed:

  • We don't yet know the amount of funding likely, but will assume the same as last year.
  • Next week's meeting will be devoted to the technical aspects of the SoW. Between now and then, the team is asked to think about the tasks that need to go into the Sow and the amount of effort for each task.
  • Stephen will speak to Kathy and agree a timetable for the preparation of the document.
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