DHCP Sprint Planning Meeting: 2011-09-28



Progress on Benchmarking to Date

With Tomek on vacation this week, the focus was on the benchmarking code.

John has been getting to grips with DHCP and V6, so the work so far has been a learning exercise. So far he has an experimental program able to send a DHCPv4 packet to a server, but is not getting anything back. Discussion centred on diagnosing the problem, the use of Wireshark or tcpdump being suggested.

The question of target operating system was raised. Stephen said that as the rest of the current work (Phase 1 of the Kea plan) was aimed at Linux, the benchmarking utility should be as well.

Current Sprint

The current sprint is due to finish on 2011-10-11, one day after the DNS sprint. The aim is that DHCP code will be included in the release that will be made after that is ended.

A set of tasks for the sprint were agreed:

#1263 Finish current experimental DHCP benchmarking work

#1264 Design document for DHCP benchmarking utility

#1265 DHCP benchmarking utility: send/receive DHCP packets
As the idea is that the benchmarking utility behaves like a relay, broadcasts are not needed and simple socket I/O can be used. (Shawn suggested that the code should not follow the current DHCP code here, as that does clever things with interfaces in a bid to understand the topology of the system on which it runs.) It was noted that because of this, the unit tests can use loopback interface to check correct operation.

#1266 DHCP benchmarking utility: minimal checking on DHCP packets

#1267 DHCP benchmarking utility: handle measurements

#1268 DHCP benchmarking utility: tidy-up
Add the command interface and documentation.

It was agreed that all code should be placed in the BIND 10 source tree, as a subdirectory of the top-level "tools" directory. In common with other tools, the benchmarking utility would not be built as part of the main BIND 10 build; instead it should have its own self-contained "make" file.

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