Paul Ebersman

Review of Previous Sprint "Goal is to get the dummy server that Tomasz built merged into master, and then get the simple echo-server done."

Tomek: Am I supposed to test this on Mac OS before I merge?

Shane: No, what you did is exactly correct.

Tomek: echo-server in progress, need a couple more hours. Hope to have it ready for review tomorrow.

Shane: Release is branched in 2 days.

Tomek: In review I learned about "make distcheck". :)

Shane: Not in our review guidelines... I'll add!


Goal for next release (in 7 weeks):

  • Server that parses real DHCP IPv4 and DHCPv6 request and gives an answer

We do not support any options other than an address request. We will issue a hard-coded address (it will collide).

Shawn: Not sure how much code is common between IPv4 and IPv6.

Shawn doing release engineering, plus scary bug investigation for a lot of time. Tomek on vacation from Saturday to end of sprint. 3 days in sprint.

So... for next sprint, Tomek will finish the echo work from the previous sprint.

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