Review of Past Sprint

Tomek: Have code up and running, just not pushed yet. b10-dhcp6, also has a flag for starting DHCPv6. By default disabled but you can enable it in the Python script. If you do that the daemon starts.

Shane: So push to central repository and then put in review.

Shawn: #877 created an additional ticket. A bunch of work gets done (documentation, release engineering, and so on).

Tomek: Since this is TDD, am I supposed to write a test for this dummy server?

Shane: Yes...

Tomek: So not done yet.

Shawn: Is Jeremy going to do documentation? Will he have time for that?

Shane: Yes. Yes.

Shawn: #876 just needs to create 2 more tickets. One for documentation and one for build/test farm systems.


Tomek: How can I check which tickets are assigned to the current sprint?

Shane: I go to Roadmap, then click on "total" for the sprint.

Shane: Only thing that we may want to add is something to "echo". Otherwise we will pull forward all of the current non-closed tickets.

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