Paul Ebersman

Review of Past Sprint: Organizational

Did we achieve the goals of the Sprint?

Goals are:

  • Figure out how to share code with BIND 10 DNS code
  • Start the first software release of an echo process sitting on the DHCP port

Shawn: Mention review of DHCP on Thursday call, on 910.

Shane will be absent then.

Tomek to invite people on bind10-team list.

#876 to review

#877 also to review

Review of Past Sprint: Technical





Shawn: Code to bind to address/port in our languages? Or do this in our BIND 10 framework?

Tomek: We haven't talked much about how we are going to structure the code. Is it a separate daemon or a utility function that we can call from anywhere? Up for discussion.

Shawn: I don't recall it being a utility function.

Shane: Need a server answering packets. Maybe a no-op server?

Tomek: Was trying to find out how to add a simple daemon? Add a dummy DHCP daemon that does not do anything? Connect to msgq and that's it? Empty configuration.

Shane: I think that makes sense.

Shane: C++ or Python? Probably start in C++ since we'll need it anyway.

Shane: Don't know a simple HOWTO guide for adding a module?

Shawn: Does Jeremy have time to do this?

Shane: Maybe hand notes to Jeremy and he can make a document.

Shane: Only two C++ programs: auth and resolver, best to look at for auth.

Tomek: Modify bind10 script.

Shane: Now all hard coded. Will make it flexible around October.

Tomek: So in 2 weeks we'll have a DHCP dummy component. Okay to add to list?

Shane: Yes.

Shane: Probably hard coded, but configurable.

Shane: So I will leave the echo server in there, but not have it a goal.

Tomek: Is this DHCPv4 or DHCPv6?

Shawn: Eventually we need both, so...

Shane: If time in this sprint, then DHCPv6.

Shane: I will create tickets for what we discussed, send e-mail, and use that to make estimates.


Tomek: Correction - not suggesting we put DHCP 4.x stuff in tickets in Trac, just asking if the tickets that are already there should be a subcomponent.

Shawn: Part of the reason to put them in was to unify work effort. If it's not working we can go back to 2 separate lists.

Tomek: We're tracking things in 3 places. Rt, Wiki, and now Trac.

Shane: Doing everything in Trac would be easier, but I don't know enough about the DHCP 4.x stuff.

Keith: Can we put a ticket number as a reference to Rt?

Shawn: That's basically what I did in the TWiki.

Tomek: From my perspective, I don't think we should put DHCP 4.x in Trac. Trac is a tool that assists us in agile development. In BIND 10 it's easy for us since we have sprints and so on. In DHCP 4.x we're not working on sprint methology, so we have different timeframes, different milestones. I think it will be complicated in the long run to keep DHCP 4 in track.

Keith: I would be wary of duplicating information.

Larissa: My take is that we should be doing DHCP 4 work in Scrum, and therefore it would not be as weird.

Shane: I'll close the DHCP 4 tickets.

Tomek: I can create those tickets.

Shawn: Or I can, or we can put it on the TWiki page.

Shawn: Tomek or I will mark the tickets as done, so that we know that we've already done them.

Tomek: Did we decide what we are going to do with DHCP and BIND 10 naming?

Shane: Could come up with an unofficial name?

Keith: Internal code-name Kea.

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