BIND 10 DHCP Sprint planning




Paul Ebersman

Review of Past Sprint - Organizational

Did we achieve the goals of the Sprint?

Goals are:

  • Figure out how to share code with BIND 10 DNS code
  • Start the first software release of an echo process sitting on the DHCP port

Shawn: I reviewed #885. Not complete. So... ???

Shawn: man pages are not done. Client & relay code need to be reviewed. Maybe spin up a new ticket?

Shane: Create 2 tickets. Change existing ticket.

14 points done this time.

#885 and other tickets are 4.3 tickets.

Review of Past Sprint - Technical



Tomek: Also track DHCP 4 things in Trac.

Shane: Not sure... I don't think so...

Tomek: Some tickets are somewhat related to DHCP 4. Review tickets, OpenSolaris?, other things. I'm not sure if this is temporary, or...?

Tomek: We could create a DHCP 4 component.

Shane: Already have to use Rt and TWiki, would hate to add a 3rd one.!closed&subproject=DHCP

Review of code:

10 Server 2x client (3x relay)
5 Client 1.5x relay
10 Common 1x server, 3x relay
3 Relay relay, 


Stand-up calls?

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