BIND 10 DNS Sprint Planning for sprint ending 2013-09-17

Date: 2013-09-03
Time: 1430 UTC


	* Michal
	* Mukund
	* Aharen
	* Jeremy
	* Fujiwara
	* Kean
	* Kambe
	* Stephen

Past sprint summary (5 minutes)

Points allocated for past sprint:        25
Number of tickets closed:                 3
Estimated count of closed:               10
Number of tickets left new:               1
Estimated count of new:                  N/A (it will be fixed automatically when #3095 is resolved)
Number of tickets assigned/in review:    16
Estimated count of active:               64 (!)
Current total open defects: 443
(last sprint: 441)

Past sprint review (10 minutes)

Past sprint goals (5 minutes)

	* Cleanup of small tickets and defects
	* Shared memory work

Estimation and tickets discussion (10 minutes)

Wide estimates for:


Unestimated tickets:

* #246 (Bindctl: Create cryptographic binding between tunnelling
   protocol and authentication protocol to avoid MITM attacks)

This seems to be invalid as the communication uses SSL.

vorner: This ticket was created before we started to use SSL.
Stephen: It was open 3 years ago. When was the SSL added? Wasn't that about the time that the user manager was created?
vorner: I don't know but it may have been present when I joined. Maybe Shane would remember (but he's not here).

ACTION: resolve ticket as invalid.

* The following tickets have only 1 estimate. I have not been able to
  estimate these, as I need to read the memmgr redesign first. I just
  finished the DomainTree::remove() ticket today, so I should have some
  time this week to look at it.


Should I update the tickets with the single estimates, or ask for
re-estimation during the next sprint? I think the latter is better, and
we can pick some of these tickets anyway (without estimations) during
today's sprint planning meeting.

ACTION: Update tickets with the 1 estimate that we have.

* Also, it seems unlikely we can fix #3112 (boost::optional failure on
  Debian i686) as it's a GCC compiler issue.

Mukund: we can't fix this issue on Debian stable.
Stephen: I think if we remove the use of boost::optional, that would be easiest.

ACTION: Update #3112 to remove the use of boost::optional.

Goals (15 minutes)

	* Cleanup of small tickets and defects
	* Shared memory work

Time off and available points (5 minutes)

Mukund: Sep 9 (public holiday)
Michal: away for 1 week (next week)

On-call this sprint?
Mukund: Sep 9 - Sep 16

Current avg. points/day from Burndown page: 2.6
Available points for this sprint: 2.6 * 10 = 26

Let's try 15 points.
Revised to ?? points.

Selected tickets (30 minutes)


Previous sprint's tickets (5 minutes):
(sub-total: ??; cumulative-total: ??)

Defects (10 minutes):
(sub-total: ??; cumulative-total: ??)

Goal tickets (10 minutes):
3122  Simplified datasrc info                                                       task         Unclassified                2
3123   Select wrapper & mutex around  ModuleCCSession                                 task         shmem  manager               2
3127  Make auth response directly to segment_update command                         task         b10-auth                    2
2752  define and implement ZoneDataUpdater::delete()                                task  data source                 6
2932  "Receiving notifications, C++ part"                                           task         Inter-module communication  5
(sub-total: 17; cumulative-total: ??)

Others (5 minutes):
(sub-total: ??; cumulative-total: ??)


Pool of tickets

Previous sprint's tickets still left new:

id    summary                                                                       type         component      estimatedhours
3003 crashes due to uncaught exception without datasrc.s  defect       configuration  Unestimatable

NOTE: #3003 will be fixed automatically when #3095 is resolved.

Goal tickets:

id             summary                                                                             type  component                   estimatedhours
2830  meta: tickets for shared memory data source                                   task  Unclassified                meta
2860  optimize initial load: update memmgr                                          task  shmem manager               4
2863  "handle ""ent_info_update"" message in b10-auth"                          task  b10-auth                    4
2864  xfrin and ddns update                                                         task  xfrin                       3 or 5?
2865  Lettuce tests with memmgr                                                     task  tests                       6
2867  Other cleanups for shared memory support                                      task  Unclassified                11
2912  make in-memory zone data loader a class                                       task  data source                 4
2913  update CacheConfig and ZoneWriter using class version of ZoneDataLoader       task  data source                 5
2914  extend ZoneDataLoader so it can use a journal reader                          task  data source                 5
2915  update CacheConfig to support diff mode                                       task  data source                 5
2918  support config generation ID                                                  task  configuration               5
2919  handle full data source reconfig in memmgr                                    task  shmem manager               6
2920       handle full data source reconfig with shmem support in       b10-auth              task  b10-auth                    not estimatable
2921  update ConfigurableClientList to support generation ID                        task  data source                 3
2932  "Receiving notifications, C++ part"                                           task  Inter-module communication  5
3002  extend datasrc::(Configurable)ClientList::find to return data source name     task  data source                 3
3013       "possibly avoid loading ""local"" segments to       memmgr"                        task  shmem manager                    Unestimatable
3017  add isDirty() to ZoneTableSegment                                             task  data source                 5
3018  extend ConfigurableClientList::getStatus() to indicate if zone table segment  task  data source                 4


id    summary                                                                       type         component                   estimatedhours
2274  Implement counters into Xfrin (2/3)                                           enhancement  xfrin                       5
2300  Implement counters into Xfrin (3/3)                                           enhancement  xfrin                       5
2706  describe how to run scan-build (clang static analyzer)                        task         documentation               2
2762  unable to add a TSIG key with algorithm HMAC-MD5                              defect       bind-ctl                    3
2819  "configuration file path relative to a BIND 10 ""home directory"""            enhancement  bind-ctl                    10
2828  include examples in releases                                                  task         build system                2
2840  implement a mitigation function against DNS amplifications attacks            enhancement  b10-auth                    8
2876  Consolidate the resolver multi-core research                                  task         resolver                    5
2961  Updating the python version can break BIND 10                                 enhancement  Boss of BIND                3
2965  "xfrout should use general datasource configuration, not Auth/database_file"  defect       xfrout                      5
3023  Add a lettuce test for CH static zone                                         defect       tests                       3
3042  """Init Shutdown"" resulted in error messages in BIND10 logfile"              defect       cmd-ctl                     3
3055  Add Makefile target to create PDF manual for BIND 10                          defect       documentation               2
3073  Add empty() method to Element                                                 enhancement  configuration               3
3093  'execute file' fails with multiple option-data                                defect       bind-ctl                    5
3094  AssertionError: Statistics item .Xfrout.zones.IN._SERVER_.xfrrej has unexpec  defect       statistics                  4
3107  ./configure report versions of dependencies                                   task         build system                5
3112  boost::optional failure on Debian i686                                        defect       libdns++                    3
3115  Migrate loadzone to notification                                              task         Unclassified                5
3134  Investigate removing external visibility of asio headers                      task         Unclassified                3

New Tasks:

id    summary                                                                       type         component                   estimatedhours
246   Bindctl: Create cryptographic binding between tunnelling protocol and authen  enhancement  bind-ctl                    Unestimatable
3114  Too large number crashes BIND 10 and stops it from being restarted            defect       cmd-ctl                     3
3118  "Feature Request (with patch): bindctl - check on ""quit"" if pending change  enhancement  bind-ctl                    3
3119  botan present but not usable                                                  defect       Unclassified                2

3124  Move most work to the work thread                                             task         shmem manager               5
3125  Rip out the notifications from work thread                                    enhancement  shmem manager               1
3126  Keep just one snapshot of config                                              task         shmem manager               1
3128  Send updates synchronously                                                    task         shmem manager               0
3129  "On update, send info about all the segments"                                 task         shmem manager               0
3130  Update auth to handle complete update in one message                          task         b10-auth                    0
3131  Check the version on update and config update                                 task         b10-auth                    0
3132  Delete the old datasource info                                                task         shmem manager               0
3133  Handle config updates in the manager                                          task         shmem manager               0

3136  Version number for BIND 10 config database content                            enhancement  cmd-ctl                     0
3137  function to temporary disable a BIND 10 module/component                      enhancement  Boss of BIND                0
3138  IDN (International Domain Names) support in bindctl / b10-loadzone            enhancement  bind-ctl                    0
3139  config file for b10-loadzone to set a default database location               enhancement  Unclassified                0
3141  auto-detect if bindctl running on a terminal - command line switch for batch  enhancement  cmd-ctl                     0
3142  try using boost's asio                                                        task         build system                0
3143  BIND 10 as Master and BIND 9 as slave                                         defect       b10-auth                    0

(3140 moved to dhcp outstanding tasks)

A.O.B. (10 minutes)

Meeting ended at 15:46 UTC.

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