BIND10 DNS Sprint Planning for sprint ending 2013-05-14

Date: 2013-04-29
Time: 1430 UTC



Past sprint summary (5 minutes)

Points allocated for past sprint:        48
Number of tickets closed:                11
Estimated points of closed:              45
Number of tickets left new:               3 (3 were added during sprint)
Estimated points of new:                 10
Number of tickets assigned/in review:    11
Estimated points of active:              58
Current total open defects: 412
(last sprint: 420)

Past sprint review (10 minutes)

Shane: Due to F2F meeting overhead

Past sprint goals (5 minutes)

*Carsten (cas)'s tickets
*Comparing 4 different models of resolvers
*Shared memory work
*Architecure of the resolver

Did we meet them?
Not really. Some shared memory work. Fake work for resolver comparison.


Jinmei: Some more shared memory work.
Jinmei: I think we had a detailed discussion on the resolver design. So we can probably close the two tickets on the sprint.
Michal: I want someone to look at the text I wrote and tell me if it makes sense (in the resolver tickets #2775, #2776).

Estimation and tickets discussion (10 minutes)

Jinmei: Didn't understand what was required of #2809, so I gave it back to Jeremy.
Michal: This is the documentation of the cmdctl API (in case we want to write a graphical interface).

Goals (15 minutes)

*Shared memory work

Jeremy: Didn't have a specific date to do the next release candidate.
Jeremy: Various bugfixes committed to master over last few weeks. Want to know which bugs should be pulled into release.
Jeremy: Want to know which are significant.
Jeremy: Delay is too long. Now we have so many things to pull in. May consider re-branching release and running another beta.
Shane: Have we done a RC?
Jeremy: No it was a beta.
Shane: Did we wait a long time in terms of tickets closed or calendar days?
Jeremy: Calendar days.
Shane: Number of tickets closed seems more important to me.
Jeremy: Maybe we should do a RC now as-is.
Shane: JPRS's request about XFR performance seems to be a reasonable request.
Shane: I don't mind doing another beta. If you want to wait for #2877, we can wait for this one and respin a beta2.
Jeremy: I can just rebranch off master.
Shane: Yes that seems to be a good idea.
Jeremy: We can talk about it on Wednesday morning call.

Time off and available points (5 minutes)

On-call this week?

Michal: Have 2 national holidays during this sprint (this Wednesday and next Wednesday)
Paul: One day off for birthday, probably Friday.
Shane: Away all next week.

Current avg. points/day for last 3 sprints from Burndown page: 4.1
Available points for this sprint (avg * number_of_days): 4.1 * 10 = 41

Jinmei: That's not too bad, but I wonder if we should exclude the previous sprint.
Mukund: We can pick the former sprint's velocity which is 4.8: 4.8 * 10 = 48.
Michal: Better round it to 50.

Decided on 50 points for this sprint.

Shane: We will have the bi-weekly call this week, and then reset after that to match the sprint planning meetings.

Selected tickets (30 minutes)


Previous sprint's tickets (5 minutes):
2851   extensions to ConfigurableClientList::getCachedZoneWriter               task  data source  4
(sub-total: 4; cumulative-total: 4)

Defects (10 minutes):
2899  move interprocess_sync under lib/log or make it a separate private lib        defect       build system                3
1622  Ensure multiple processes log to same file when files are being rolled        defect       logging                     6
1909  """make check"" fails if sqlite3 command line tool not installed"             defect       build system                3
2911  don't fallback from ixfr to axfr due to data source error                     defect       xfrin                       4
(sub-total: 16; cumulative-total: 20)

Goal tickets (10 minutes):
2852  Add an API for (re)setting a memory segment to ConfigurableClientList  task  data source  3
2853  Python wrapper of data source extensions                               task  data source  5
2916   define asiolink::IOSocketLocal                                        task  data source  4
2930  Sending notifications over msgq                                               task         Inter-module communication  3
2906  define and implement (generic) ZoneTable class  task  data source                 5
2907  add ConfigurableClientList::getZoneTable class  task  data source                 3
(sub-total: 23; cumulative-total: 43)

Others (5 minutes):
2522  "support generic version of rdata::createRdata(text) in RP, MINFO, TSIG RDAT  task         libdns++                    4
(sub-total: 4; cumulative-total: 47)


NOTE: We also have #2809 (6 points) left as new from the previous sprint.

    Milestone #1:
2922  enhance group subscriber management in msgq                            task  msgq         0

    Milestone #2:
2854  memory manager framework                        task  shmem manager               9
2908  Python wrapper for ZoneTable and getZoneTable   task  data source                 5
2923  CC API extensions for shmem support             task  Inter-module communication  0

Jinmei: Suggestion is to concentrate on shared memory work for now and pick other things if we have more room.

Jinmei: Should we stick with 4 tickets?
Shane: Let's stick with 4 for now.

2873   Test the landlord/RCU approach for resolver multi-threading             task  resolver     6

Pool of tickets


id    summary                                                                       type         component                   estimatedhours
1049  Processes not shutting down cleanly                                           defect       Boss of BIND                6

1653  too much output at startup                                                    defect       Boss of BIND                0
1716  use DEBUG for BIND10_LOST_SOCKET_CONSUMER  and BIND10_SOCKET_CREATED instead  defect       Boss of BIND                2

1915  Convenient way of receiving and sending notifications                         task         msgq                        7
1928  Msgq tests: failure modes                                                     task         msgq                        8
2261  move data_sources category and flatten configuration                          task         data source                 need plan or info
2262  move tsig_keys from top level of configuration                                task         configuration               need plan or info
2381  revise dns::masterLoad using MasterLoader class                               task         libdns++                    3

2560  stats crash on cc timeout                                                     defect       Unclassified                2
2647  Logging from stats tests                                                      defect       statistics                  4
2664  Gentoo ebuild for bind10                                                      task         Unclassified                3
2750  support DomainTree::delete()                                                  task         data source                 7
2751  "add ""subtract RDATA"" interface to RdataSet"                                task         data source                 5
2752  define and implement ZoneDataUpdater::delete()                                task         data source                 6
2811  Make some DomainTree code updates                                             enhancement  data source                 3
2845  CC_TIMEOUT perhaps related to unauthorized NOTIFY?                            defect       b10-auth                    5
2852  Add an API for (re)setting a memory segment to ConfigurableClientList         task         data source                 3
2853  Python wrapper of data source extensions                                      task         data source                 5
2896  change some bind10 process logging from info to debug                         defect       Boss of BIND                2

2900  Investigate and fix mixed and missing log messages                            defect       logging                     10
2904  check violation of DO_NOT_USE_127.0.0.1:47807                                 defect       Unclassified                2
2905  "buggy zone should result in SERVFAIL, not REFUSED"                           defect       data source                 5
2906  define and implement (generic) ZoneTable class                                task         data source                 5
2907  add ConfigurableClientList::getZoneTable class                                task         data source                 3
2908  Python wrapper for ZoneTable and getZoneTable                                 task         data source                 5

2912  make in-memory zone data loader a class                                       task         data source                 4
2913  update CacheConfig and ZoneWriter using class version of ZoneDataLoader       task         data source                 5
2914  extend ZoneDataLoader so it can use a journal reader                          task         data source                 5
2915  update CacheConfig to support diff mode                                       task         data source                 5
2922  enhance group subscriber management in msgq                                   task         msgq                        0
2927  AUTH_DATASRC_CLIENTS_BUILDER_STARTED  should be DEBUG                         defect       data source                 0

New Tasks:

id      summary                                                                        type         component                   estimatedhours
2419  ConfigData::getFullConfig() should return child elements content              defect       configuration               0
2706  describe how to run scan-build (clang static analyzer)                        task         documentation               2
2709  Module names in bindctl should be lowercase                                   enhancement  bind-ctl                    4
2711  bindctl should be case-insenstive                                             enhancement  cmd-ctl                     4
2727  directories for scripts                                                       enhancement  Unclassified                5
2728  configuration snapshots and restore                                           enhancement  Unclassified                8
2734   "in the message documentation, list the module.library that creates the  mess  enhancement  Unclassified                not sure if possible  without c++ parser?
2791  Try to work around the multi-CC hacks in XfrIn and CmdCtl with regards to rp  task         Inter-module communication  5
2792  Implement per-RRtype statistics items                                         enhancement  b10-auth                    8
2793   Add a capability to hold per-class basis statistics  counters                  enhancement  b10-auth                    3/10  (3 if breakdown)
2794  Reconsider keyword _SERVER_ for whole server statistics                       enhancement  b10-auth                    4
2795  Redefine compound query counters                                              enhancement  b10-auth                    4
2796  Add a counter for queries with RD=1                                           enhancement  b10-auth                    4
2797  Expand EDNS statistics counters for all versions                              enhancement  b10-auth                    4
2798  Add a log message that statistics is updated                                  enhancement  statistics                  1
2805  "separate ""output-options"" from the ""logger"""                             enhancement  bind-ctl                    9
2806  "database ""logger"""                                                         enhancement  logging                     11
2807  xfrin/xfrout should log the name of the TSIG key used                         enhancement  xfrin                       3
2813   "new command ""config grep <identifier>  <pattern>"""                          enhancement   bind-ctl                    9
2814   "new bindctl command ""config clone  <identifier>"""                           enhancement   bind-ctl                    8
2815  """config add"" should print the object created"                              enhancement  bind-ctl                    4
2819  "configuration file path relative to a BIND 10 ""home directory"""            enhancement  bind-ctl                    10
2820   system/platform independent BIND 10  configuration                             enhancement   bind-ctl                    discuss
2822   "remove dependecies to OpenSSL, use Botan  instead"                            enhancement  build  system                discuss
2824  remove dependency for SQLite3 in core system                                  enhancement  data source                 7
2828  include examples in releases                                                  task         build system                2
2839   add dtrace probe hooks into BIND 10 (in the performance critical  path)        enhancement  Unclassified                needinfo
2840   implement a mitigation function against DNS amplifications  attacks            enhancement  b10-auth                    meta
2849   About json   problem                                                            task         secondary manager           needinfo
2857  memory manager initial exchanges                                              task         shmem manager               5
2858  memory manager update processing                                              task         shmem manager               5
2860  optimize initial load: update memmgr                                          task         shmem manager               4
2862  update b10-auth to recognize data source memory segments                      task         b10-auth                    5
2863  "handle ""segment_info_update"" message in b10-auth"                          task         b10-auth                    4
2864   xfrin and ddns  update                                                          task         xfrin                       3 or 5?
2865  Lettuce tests with memmgr                                                     task         tests                       6
2867  Other cleanups for shared memory support                                      task         Unclassified                11
2874  Test the Coroutines/RCU approach for resolver multi-threading                 task         resolver                    7
2875  Implement the multi-process and layered cache approach                        task         resolver                    7
2876  Consolidate the resolver multi-core research                                  task         resolver                    5
2880  b10-stats timeout on cc session                                               defect       Unclassified                9
2897  "BIND should log zone serials along with zone name for xfer-in, xfer-out and  enhancement  Unclassified                5
2910  RESOLVER_QUERY_DROPPED  and RESOLVER_QUERY_REJECTED  should not be INFO       defect       resolver                    2
2918  support config generation ID                                                  task         configuration               0
2919  handle full data source reconfig in memmgr                                    task         shmem manager               0
2920  handle full data source reconfig with shmem support in b10-auth               task         b10-auth                    0
2921  update ConfigurableClientList to support generation ID                        task         data source                 0
2923  CC API extensions for shmem support                                           task         Inter-module communication  0
2924  source address of notify response should be checked                           defect       xfrout                      0
2925  The also_notify port should default to 53                                     defect       xfrout                      0
2926  Delete followed by add in a list should restore defaults                      defect       bind-ctl                    0
2928  Include the log level in log messages                                         enhancement  logging                     0
2929  Add a lettuce test where multiple sqlite3 datasources are in use              enhancement  tests                       0
2931  "Receiving notifications, python part"                                        task         Inter-module communication  0
2932  "Receiving notifications, C++ part"                                           task         Inter-module communication  0
2933  Implement GUI bindctl tool                                                    enhancement  bind-ctl                    0

A.O.B. (10 minutes)

Meeting ended at 15:43 UTC.

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