BIND10 DNS Sprint Planning for sprint ending 2013-04-23

Date: 2013-04-02
Time: 1430 UTC



Past Sprint Summary (5 minutes)

Number of tickets closed:                10
Estimated count of closed:               35
Previously estimated?: 46? (should be in a template for the next time)
Number of tickets left new:               5
Estimated count of new:                  25
Number of tickets assigned/in review:    10
Estimated count of active:               50
Current total open defects: 420
(last sprint: 419)

Past sprint review (10 minutes)

45 points allocated, ended up with 46 on sprint

Past sprint goals (5 minutes)

*shared-memory work 
*Shane's annoyances
*'cas' tickets?
*write down ideas/goals/plan for config stuff 

Did we meet them?

Shane's fine with his "annoyances".
#2144 needs further development/review by another developer, or francis.
Shane: we're going to have such tickets waiting on external input. One approach is to move it off current sprint until we get a response from the developer.
Jinmei: we handle it on a case by case basis. If it's a critical bug, we should take over the bug if the contributor doesn't answer. If it's minor, we can simply remove it from the sprint.
Shane agrees.

TODO: #2144 - don't put it on the next sprint.

Estimation and tickets discussion (10 minutes)

Unestimated (ticket description not very clear):

*#2870 (i have a question about recursion)
Shane: Jeff and I discussed it during weekly defect review. If there's not enough info, we can't estimate it. So we're going to add a timeout. If reporter doesn't get back within this time, we close the ticket.
Shane: Nothing for us to do for #2870.

*#2872 (about b10-loadzone repeat load)
Mukund: #2872 seems to be a question. Doesn't warrant a ticket.
Shane agrees. If they want to reopen it, they can do so.

TODO: close #2872 and ask user to contact mailing list.

Goals (15 minutes)

Was there a 1.0.1 release planned?

Shane: Idea is to do it after this sprint is over. We'll have to take it into account in our point estimates. We're going to spend some time working on release issues.

*Carsten (cas)'s tickets
*Comparing 4 different models of resolvers
*Shared memory work
*Architecure of the resolver

Jinmei: Quite ambitious for a single sprint.
Shane: Agreed. What I like to see the tickets comparing 4 models of resolvers. Don't know if we have time. But seems like that's an important milestone.
Shane: We don't want to approach most of Carsten's tasks (we'll do only tasks for this sprint)
Jinmei: Some of them are related to configuration. Config stuff is better taken care of with organizational cleanup...
Shane: .. not on a ticket by ticket basis.
Jinmei: Jelte dumped some proposals and we should examine it and break it into specific tickets and include it in the actual sprint plan. It's too late for this sprint, but it's time to consider it in the near future. We cannot postpone config related fixes too long.

F2F meeting & next sprint.

Time off and available points (5 minutes)

Shane: 3 week sprint (2 weeks of development)
Shane: we've had poor success with 1 week sprints.
Jinmei: I'm ok with that, but we will need some unusual planning for the one after this sprint.
Shane: we'll have the pre-planning call next week (w/ Mukund)

This sprint will end on April 23 instead of the 16th.

Paul: 1 day off after the F2F
Vorner: 1 day off after F2F

Mukund is on-call this week.

Shane: Should put Evan instead of Jelte for next week's support engineer role.

F2F meeting

Jinmei: How many days off did we count last time?
Shane: It's amazing we got 35 points in the last sprint. We should have estimated less.
Jinmei: We should be able to do more than 35.
Jinmei: Is Paul available? He's working on something else other than BIND 10?
Shane: No. In principle, Paul is working on BIND 10 80%.
Paul: ~80%. Got Open Home Gateway stuff that is Skunkworks at this point. Under instructions not to let it take up > 15-20% of time.
Shane: Paul's still coming up to speed, but he should be mostly available.
Jinmei: Something between 45-50.
Shane: Let's see what we can do with 45. We can decide later if we want to push it up.

Available points: 45

Selected tickets (30 minutes)

Jinmei: Reduce number of defects we pick from 5 to 4, as points are fewer.
Michal: I don't think we should lower it as the # of defects don't go down.
Shane: Happy to hear that we should keep focus on defects. Don't have strong feeling one way or the other about this.
Jinmei: Regarding total number of defects, we should also try to clean stale tickets more seriously.
Shane: Jeff and I are working on it.

Shane: I like the idea of scaling defects with number of resources available.

Mukund: 4 defects for this sprint??
Jinmei: Let's reduce it this time, work on reducing stale tickets more seriously, and see how many open defects we have in the next few tickets.
Jinmei: If it seems to grow, we can think about it. We have finite resources.
Jinmei: If defects are under control, we can do reduced # of defects.

Jinmei: #2753: nobody can reproduce. We can move it out of the current sprint.
Shane: I'll take it off the sprint, take ownership of it.

Shane: #2712: I think it's reproducible.  jreed: see #2083 for further details.


Previous sprint's new tickets:
#2712  Cmdctl shutdown command does not shut down b10-cmdctl (6)
(running total: 6)

Defects (15 minutes):
2888  msgq unittest failure on OpenBSD                                              defect       msgq                        3
2877  slow updates to SQLite3 data source                                           defect       data source                 3
2879  notify_out doesn't handle response to NOTIFY correctly                        defect       xfrout                      4
2887  """make check"" fails on FreeBSD 9.1"                                         defect       tests                       3
(running total: 19)

Goal tickets (10 minutes):
#2834                                            update ConfigurableClientList::getCachedZoneWriter with new interface (4)
#2850                                            Define and implement ZoneTableSegmentMapped (5)
#2851                                            extensions to ConfigurableClientList::getCachedZoneWriter (6)

2871  Fake work for resolution                                                      task         resolver                    4
2873  Test the landlord/RCU approach for resolver multi-threading                   task         resolver                    6
(running total: 44)

Others (5 minutes):

2521  "support generic version of rdata::createRdata(text) in RRSIG, DHCID, OPT RD  task         libdns++                    4
(running total: 48)


jreed: one documentation task: I suggest 2809 since multiple non-BIND10-staff have asked for it.

Pool of tickets

2809  document the cmdctl REST interface                                            task         cmd-ctl                     6


id    summary                                                                       type         component                   estimatedhours
1622  Ensure multiple processes log to same file when files are being rolled        defect       logging                     6
1915  Convenient way of receiving and sending notifications                         task         msgq                        7
1928  Msgq tests: failure modes                                                     task         msgq                        8
2335  deprecate RRset::setName()                                                    defect       libdns++                    4
2381  revise dns::masterLoad using MasterLoader class                               task         libdns++                    3

2534  support minor cases for quoted character strings                              task         libdns++                    4
2610  Query for large zone in SQLite datasrc takes a very long time                 defect       data source                 discuss
2664  Gentoo ebuild for bind10                                                      task         Unclassified                3
2668  DATASRC_DATABASE_FIND_TTL_MISMATCH  (BIND 9 is different from BIND 10)        defect       data source                 4
2691  Add support for Solaris in isc-sysinfo                                        enhancement  sysinfo                     3
2708  b10-cmdctl-usermgr should default to installed accounts file                  defect       cmd-ctl                     2
2715  bindctl bails out on non ASCII characters                                     defect       bind-ctl                    3
2726  New cppcheck reports                                                          defect       Unclassified                5
2750  support DomainTree::delete()                                                  task         data source                 7
2751  "add ""subtract RDATA"" interface to RdataSet"                                task         data source                 5
2752  define and implement ZoneDataUpdater::delete()                                task         data source                 6
2756  AUTH_DATASRC_CLIENTS_BUILDER_RECONFIGURE_ERROR should name the datasource     enhancement  b10-auth                    2
2759  apply check_zone before commiting DDNS changes                                defect       DDNS                        3
2762  unable to add a TSIG key with algorithm HMAC-MD5                              defect       bind-ctl                    3
2804  Make sure the ModuleCCSession::groupRecvMsg in blocking mode works even when  task         Inter-module communication  4
2811  Make some DomainTree code updates                                             enhancement  data source                 3
2812  "missing module ""_ctypes"" in Python3.1 from OpenCSW on Solaris 10 SPARC"    defect       build system                3
2823  complete removing threads from stats tests                                    defect       statistics                  5
2842  build option to disable any test related things                               enhancement  build system                3
2843 shouldn't have DNS-specific information            defect       statistics                  6
2847  mutable version of DomainTree::find()                                         task         data source                 4
2848  b10-cmdctl-usermgr unhelpful output if command missing                        defect       cmd-ctl                     1
2852  Add an API for (re)setting a memory segment to ConfigurableClientList         task         data source                 3
2853  Python wrapper of data source extensions                                      task         data source                 5
2854  memory manager framework                                                      task         shmem manager               9
2855  "introduce a ""zone builder"" thread in memory manager"                       task         shmem manager               4
2856  memory manager initialization                                                 task         shmem manager               4
2861  synchronization between auth main thread and datasrc builder                  task         b10-auth                    4

2883  discuss/remove class (global) attribute of Counters._statistics               defect       statistics                  4
2884  per zone statistics must be separated per class                               defect       statistics                  8

2895  delete record from DB datasrc should use actual column values for rdata       defect       data source                 0

New Tasks:

id    summary                                                                       type         component                   estimatedhours
2706  describe how to run scan-build (clang static analyzer)                        task         documentation               2
2709  Module names in bindctl should be lowercase                                   enhancement  bind-ctl                    4
2711  bindctl should be case-insenstive                                             enhancement  cmd-ctl                     4
2727  directories for scripts                                                       enhancement  Unclassified                5
2728  configuration snapshots and restore                                           enhancement  Unclassified                8
2734  "in the message documentation, list the module.library that creates the mess  enhancement  Unclassified                not sure if possible without c++ parser?
2791  Try to work around the multi-CC hacks in XfrIn and CmdCtl with regards to rp  task         Inter-module communication  5
2792  Implement per-RRtype statistics items                                         enhancement  b10-auth                    8
2793  Add a capability to hold per-class basis statistics counters                  enhancement  b10-auth                    3/10 (3 if breakdown)
2794  Reconsider keyword _SERVER_ for whole server statistics                       enhancement  b10-auth                    4
2795  Redefine compound query counters                                              enhancement  b10-auth                    4
2796  Add a counter for queries with RD=1                                           enhancement  b10-auth                    4
2797  Expand EDNS statistics counters for all versions                              enhancement  b10-auth                    4
2798  Add a log message that statistics is updated                                  enhancement  statistics                  1
2805  "separate ""output-options"" from the ""logger"""                             enhancement  bind-ctl                    9
2806  "database ""logger"""                                                         enhancement  logging                     11
2807  xfrin/xfrout should log the name of the TSIG key used                         enhancement  xfrin                       3

2810  Fix parallel build                                                            defect       build system                unknown problem
2813  "new command ""config grep <identifier> <pattern>"""                          enhancement  bind-ctl                    9
2814  "new bindctl command ""config clone <identifier>"""                           enhancement  bind-ctl                    8
2815  """config add"" should print the object created"                              enhancement  bind-ctl                    4
2819  "configuration file path relative to a BIND 10 ""home directory"""            enhancement  bind-ctl                    10
2820  system/platform independent BIND 10 configuration                             enhancement  bind-ctl                    discuss
2822  "remove dependecies to OpenSSL, use Botan instead"                            enhancement  build system                discuss
2824  remove dependency for SQLite3 in core system                                  enhancement  data source                 7
2828  include examples in releases                                                  task         build system                2
2836  update in-memory zone loading so it can work with shmem segment               task         data source                 4
2839  add dtrace probe hooks into BIND 10 (in the performance critical path)        enhancement  Unclassified                needinfo
2840  implement a mitigation function against DNS amplifications attacks            enhancement  b10-auth                    meta
2849  About json  problem                                                           task         secondary manager           needinfo
2857  memory manager initial exchanges                                              task         shmem manager               5
2858  memory manager update processing                                              task         shmem manager               5
2859  optimize initial load: API support                                            task         data source                 4
2860  optimize initial load: update memmgr                                          task         shmem manager               4
2862  update b10-auth to recognize data source memory segments                      task         b10-auth                    5
2863  "handle ""segment_info_update"" message in b10-auth"                          task         b10-auth                    4
2864  xfrin and ddns update                                                         task         xfrin                       3 or 5?
2865  Lettuce tests with memmgr                                                     task         tests                       6
2866  Support full data source reconfiguration                                      task         Unclassified                meta
2867  Other cleanups for shared memory support                                      task         Unclassified                11
2869  execute config show data_source/classes                                       defect       bind-ctl                    needinfo
2870  i have a question about recursion                                             defect       resolver                    Unclear

2872  about b10-loadzone repeat load                                                defect       loadzone                    Unclear
2873  Test the landlord/RCU approach for resolver multi-threading                   task         resolver                    6
2874  Test the Coroutines/RCU approach for resolver multi-threading                 task         resolver                    7
2875  Implement the multi-process and layered cache approach                        task         resolver                    7
2876  Consolidate the resolver multi-core research                                  task         resolver                    5
2880  b10-stats timeout on cc session                                               defect       Unclassified                9
2881  about b10-init process lost                                                   defect       Unclassified                8
2892  blank client_id/server_id don't causes DHCPv6 server to discard messages      defect       dhcp6                       0
2896  change some bind10 process logging from info to debug                         defect       Boss of BIND                0

A.O.B. (10 minutes)

Jeremy: The numbering scheme A.B.C.. normally the last one is for minor releases, but because we are going to release from master with features, we should probably call it 1.1.0.
Shane: We'll discuss this after this call.

Jinmei: Are we going to have hardening sprint (defect fixes only)?
Shane: Not opposed to it.

Meeting ended at 15:56 UTC.
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