BIND10 DNS Sprint Planning for sprint ending 2013-03-05

Date: 2013-02-19


  • Jelte
  • Jeremy
  • Jeff
  • Shane
  • Michal
  • Fujiwara
  • jinmei
  • Aharen
  • Mukund
  • Kambe

Past Sprint Summary

Number of tickets closed:                17
Estimated count of closed:               57
Number of tickets left new:               3
Estimated count of new:                  16
Number of tickets assigned/in review:     8
Estimated count of active:               45

Current total open defects: 408
(last sprint: 379)

Past Sprint Review

Release: If there is a critical defect that involves a code change (like 2702?) we'll need to spin another release candidate. We got a lot of feedback from the debian packager about things that we do that makes it hard to package. (some discussion about one problem with distclean that is apparently not a problem)

Mukund: I have a proposal: Werror is enabled by default, which is good for developing, but not so much for release tarballs. This also errors on external libs and dependencies, and this could also cause errors when libraries get updated (and warn about that).

Jinmei: Since we did not spend a lot of time on resolver work, 60-ish is lower than we should have gotten. The release could be one of the causes of that (since there were some regressions there). Conclusion: take this into account, and reserve some time for release-related issues in a sprint where we have a release.

Michal: The ticket i have been working on for a week may have been estimated wrong (#2676).

What is the status of 2157?

  • It has additional python library dependencys (xml parser/pyexpat); the issue has been addressed in the main code, but there is another one in the test code which has not been addressed yet, and it needs something to parse and validate xml, and according to buildbots, some systems (like our netbsd) don't have it, though it is marked as standard python library.

Jinmei: I made a suggestion on jabber, we could skip this test if the library is not available.

Past Sprint Goals

  • Cleanups
  • Resolver research discussion

Shane: I was quite pleased with the approach that was suggested, and i created a branch to collect research and design, and made three tickets for questions we have now. We'll need to prioritize and see which and how many we want to add to this sprint.

Estimate/ticket Discussion

Any words? Do we need to go through them? (they are mostly marked in the lists below)

Regarding bindctl issues; we may need to do some medium-term work as there is no bindctl-ng on the roadmap right now. Jinmei: we will probably keep getting issues with this... Probably out of scope for this call, but this will be increasingly serious, and we should probably discuss this in the next bi-weekly call.


  • Resolver work?
  • Shared memory auth design?
  • Some more work towards msgq
  • Some final(?) work on rdata parsing for loadzone-ng

Time off

  • Mukund on-call this week; maybe +1 day PTO
  • Jelte on-call next week

60 points in total?

Next release? next one will probably be a 1.0.1, as we don't have user-visible features on the short-term plan anyway

Shane: to be clear, ths first high-level goal is resolver research, the next is shared-memory datasource and next probably the hooks


8 points per resolver ticket?


#2775 (8)
#2776 (8)
#2777 (8)

(running total: 24)

#2778? (8)

2385  support generic version of rdata::createRdata(text) in RRSIG RDATA            new        task                        2
2386  "support generic version of rdata::createRdata(text) in NSEC, DS RDATA"       new        task                        3


?2737  Use protocol constants in the msgq and cc libraries                           task         Inter-module communication  5
(set prio low)

?1927  Msgq tests: normal operation                                                  task         msgq                        5

(running total 47)


2705  clang unused-private-field errors                                             defect       build system                3
(running total 50)

2742  Fatal Python error: Py_Initialize: can't initialize sys standard streams      defect       loadzone                    3
2746  allow loading log messages manually and use it for Python datasrc             defect       logging                     5
2741   assertion in statistics  test_perzone_counters                                 defect        statistics               fixed?
set to 0?


2720  Test failure in Ubuntu 11.10                                                  defect       Unclassified                2


2668  DATASRC_DATABASE_FIND_TTL_MISMATCH  (BIND 9 is different from BIND 10)        defect       data source                 4
2713  b10-cmdctl-usermgr's prompts should be revisited                              defect       cmd-ctl                     4



Full lists of several queues:

msgq-ng tickets:
1915  Convenient way of receiving and sending notifications  new     task                          7
1916  Convenient RPC                                         new     task                          7
1919  Shutdown command of msgq                               new     task                          6
1921  Connection and disconnection notifications             new     task                          5
1922  Get rid of the „Shutting down“ message             new     defect                        6
1925  Answer tracking in msgq                                new     task                          7
1926  RPC reliability                                        new     task                          6
1927  Msgq tests: normal operation                           new     task    Next-Sprint-Proposed  5
1928  Msgq tests: failure modes                              new     task                          8
1929  Msgq tests: stresstesting                              new     task                          7
1917  Python wrappers for C++ version of CC session          new     task                          9
1923  Multi-component addressing                             new     task                          8

Loadzone-ng tickets:
2368  [meta] complete and generic zone file parser and loader                       new        task                        meta
2381  revise dns::masterLoad using MasterLoader class                               new        task                        3
2387  "support generic version of rdata::createRdata(text) in DNSKEY, NSEC3, NSEC3  new        task  Next-Sprint-Proposed  5
2389  "support generic version of rdata::createRdata(text) in A, AAAA RDATA"        new        task                        2
2391  "support generic version of rdata::createRdata(text) in AFSDB, DLV RDATA"     new        task                        3
2426  support generic version of rdata::createRdata(text) in generic RDATA          new        task                        3
2430  support $GENERATE in dns::MasterLoader                                        new        task                        5
2434  "implement validateZone, advanced part"                                       new        task                        6
2440  "add support for ""merging"" RRsets into memory::RdataSet"                    reviewing  task  Sprint-20130219       6
2441  update in-memory data source so it can load RRs in any order                  new        task  Sprint-20130219       4
2518  "introduce exception hierarchy for ""from text"" errors in libdns++"          new        task                        4
2519  python wrapper for MasterLoader                                               new        task                        4
2520  incremental base_n decoding                                                   new        task                        4
2521  "support generic version of rdata::createRdata(text) in RRSIG, DHCID, OPT RD  new        task  Next-Sprint-Proposed  4
2522  "support generic version of rdata::createRdata(text) in RP, MINFO, TSIG RDAT  new        task                        4
2564  MasterLoader needs to perform minimal validation for SOA                      new        task                        3
2578  "add ""-q"" (quiet) option to b10-loadzone"                                   new        task  Next-Sprint-Proposed  3
2614  update b10-loadzone using generic DB creation                                 new        task                        5
2662  provide some post-load logs                                                   new        task  Next-Sprint-Proposed  3
2523  supported generic form of rdata text for well-known type                      new        task                        3

Next Sprint Proposed:

1086  Ensure message consistency when outputting address+port or name+type+class    enhancement  logging                     5
1622  Ensure multiple processes log to same file when files are being rolled        defect       logging                     6
1668  redo threaded stats tests with mocksessions                                   task         statistics                  discuss
1831  MockXfrinConnection.setblocking is deprecated                                 defect       Unclassified                1
1938  why ZONEMGR_UNKNOWN_ZONE_NOTIFIED ?                                           defect       secondary manager           5
2058  ZoneFinder::Context::getDelegationProof                                       task         data source                 5
2286  in-memory version of ZoneFinder::Context::getDelegationProof                  task         b10-auth                    4
2331  design of shared memory / mmap based in-memory data source                    task         data source                 7
2387  "support generic version of rdata::createRdata(text) in DNSKEY, NSEC3, NSEC3  task         libdns++                    5
2485  bindctl crash on show of removed item                                         defect       bind-ctl                    5
2521  "support generic version of rdata::createRdata(text) in RRSIG, DHCID, OPT RD  task         libdns++                    4
2534  support minor cases for quoted character strings                              task         libdns++                    4
2562  CC_TIMEOUT with no zonemgr when handling NOTIFY                               defect       b10-auth                    4
2578  "add ""-q"" (quiet) option to b10-loadzone"                                   task         loadzone                    3
2583  save lettuce run output even if successful                                    task         build system                3
2610  Query for large zone in SQLite datasrc takes a very long time                 defect       data source                 discuss
2662  provide some post-load logs                                                   task         data source                 3
2664  Gentoo ebuild for bind10                                                      task         Unclassified                3

2675  Get rid of the -v switches                                                    task         Unclassified                3
2677  General clang issues                                                          defect       build system                3
2690  use select instead of poll/kqueue in msgq                                     task         msgq                        4
2691  Add support for Solaris in isc-sysinfo                                        enhancement  sysinfo                     3
2694  sysinfo and root note                                                         defect       sysinfo                     2
2695  bindctl error message wording awkward                                         defect       bind-ctl                    1
2696  dhcp4 component shutdown issues                                               defect       Unclassified                4
2698  src/bin/dbutil/tests fails if SHELL=/bin/csh                                  defect       tests                       2
2705  clang unused-private-field errors                                             defect       build system                3
2708  b10-cmdctl-usermgr should default to installed accounts file                  defect       cmd-ctl                     2

2715  bindclt bails out on non ASCII characters                                     defect       bind-ctl                    3
2716  password in ~/.bind10/default_user.csv is cleartext                           defect       Unclassified                discuss
2726  New cppcheck reports                                                          defect       Unclassified                5

2737  Use protocol constants in the msgq and cc libraries                           task         Inter-module communication  5

2743  regression due to #2145                                                       defect       logging                     3
2746  allow loading log messages manually and use it for Python datasrc             defect       logging                     5
2749  kill io_utilities.h or make it safe                                           defect       Unclassified                3
2750  support DomainTree::delete()                                                  task         data source                 7
2751  "add ""subtract RDATA"" interface to RdataSet"                                task         data source                 5
2752  define and implement ZoneDataUpdater::delete()                                task         data source                 6
2764  base_xx wrapper doesn't compile with Boost 1.53                               defect       build system                0

New Tasks:

2706  describe how to run scan-build (clang static analyzer)                        task         documentation               2
2709  Module names in bindctl should be lowercase                                   enhancement  bind-ctl                    4
2710  b10-cmdctl needs restart when adding users                                    defect       Unclassified                3
2711  bindctl should be case-insenstive                                             enhancement  cmd-ctl                     4
2712  Cmdctl shutdown command does not shut down b10-cmdctl                         defect       Unclassified                6

2727  directories for scripts                                                       enhancement  Unclassified                5
2728  configuration snapshots and restore                                           enhancement  Unclassified                8
2729  logging of configuration changes                                              defect       Unclassified                5
2730  """config remove"" should allow the same identifier as printed with ""config  defect       Unclassified                5
2731  "after removing modules, the modules still show in bindctl"                   defect       Unclassified                7
2732  the logger configuration should validate the name property against a list of  defect       Unclassified                notpossible?
2733  it should be possible to use the module.library or module.function identifie  defect       Unclassified                4
2734  "in the message documentation, list the module.library that creates the mess  enhancement  Unclassified                not sure if possible without c++ parser?
2735  tests using outside components                                                defect       Unclassified                5
2736  "Allow new bindctl to work with old cmdctl, old cfgmgr"                       defect       Unclassified                4
2738  Clarify high-level design of the CC protocol                                  task         Inter-module communication  5
2739  "when adding a master zone from a zone file, bindctl does not report errors   defect       Unclassified                needs design/discussion

2744  CmdctlException issues in TestSecureHTTPServer                                defect       cmd-ctl                     4
2745  format of TSIG keys looks like a data format encoded inside a string          defect       Unclassified                4
2747  left over .pyo files                                                          defect       Unclassified                3
2748 failing on solaris                                             defect       data source                 3
2753  error building BIND 10 1.0.0-rc on Debian 6                                   defect       build system                0
2754  bindctl config validation should print the configuration path that created a  defect       Unclassified                0
2755  "the use of ""list"" structures for configuration considered harmful"         defect       Unclassified                0
2756  AUTH_DATASRC_CLIENTS_BUILDER_RECONFIGURE_ERROR should name the datasource     defect       b10-auth                    0
2757  CMDCTL_COMMAND_ERROR error in command set_config to module ConfigManager: [E  defect       Unclassified                0
2758  util/io_utilities.h shouldn't be used in production DHCP code                 defect       dhcp                        0
2759  apply check_zone before commiting DDNS changes                                defect       DDNS                        0
2760  Error in code                                                                 defect       dhcp4                       0
2761  CONFIG_SESSION_STOPPING_FAILED error sending stopping message: [Errno 32] Br  defect       Unclassified                0
2762  unable to add a TSIG key with algorithm HMAC-MD5                              defect       bind-ctl                    0
2763  bindctl gives error message without context                                   defect       bind-ctl                    0
2765  b10-dhcp4 silently fails if bootp/dhcp4 port is already used on one interfac  defect       dhcp4                       0
2766  reconsider the use of varbinary in database tables                            enhancement  dhcp4                       0
2767  dhcp option data format                                                       enhancement  dhcp4                       0
2769  document Xfrout/also_notify                                                   defect       xfrout                      0
2770  dhcp serverid file should not be in the toplevel datadir                      defect       Unclassified                0
2771  dhcp guide tables missing in PDF                                              defect       documentation               0
2774  dhcp++.pc                                                                     task         libdhcp                     0

Shane's Just-in-Time Resolver tickets

Shane Not-in-Time Shared-memory ticket


-Werror disabled in distributed release?

The pkgsrc packaging community had a long debate about this. The consensus (but not agreed by all) was to not to use this for package builds since there are so many unknown targets (operating systems, build tools, compilers, system headers, etc.) Debian may have a different opinion since they are a single operating system with defined compilers and system headers etc.

Seems like a true bikeshed issue. :)

Over at 16:03 UTC.

We blame the Asterisk issue for lateness. :)

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