BIND10 DNS Sprint Planning for sprint ending 2013-02-19

Date: 2013-02-05


  • Jelte
  • Jeff
  • Shane
  • Jeremy
  • Aharen
  • Fujiwara
  • Michal
  • Jinmei
  • Kambe
  • Mukund

Past Sprint Summary

Number of tickets closed:                21
Estimated count of closed:               70
Number of tickets left new:              -2
Estimated count of new:                  N/A
Number of tickets assigned/in review:     9
Estimated count of active:               45 (and one 0)

Current total open defects: 379
(last sprint: 376)

Past Sprint Review

Running out of tickets is also not good (because we underestimate, and because Jelte kind of arbitrarily adds tickets)

Past Sprint Goals

  • To get any last bugfixes and changes we need before the release candidate!
    • python3.3 compatibility?
      • Mukund: we finished the tickets we picked, but new tickets have been created (lettuce almost always fails, and stats tests fail sometimes #2666)
      • Jelte: I suspect that may not be because of 3.3 itself (auth is c++ and lettuce is python2)
    • any remaining tasks for loadzone-ng we want in the release?
      • some progress, there are still several tickets (like rdatas)
    • sql status
    • check/update documentation
      • some small things to do, but no tickets, and some of which are dhcp related

sprint closed!

Estimate/ticket Discussion

#2648 Statistics tests leak file descriptors:
estimated at either 3 or 8 points, and I suspect they are all wild
guesses. I think this ticket should be done after 1668 anyway (see
below), and perhaps by then we can estimate this better

defer 2648 for now

#1668 redo threaded stats tests with mocksessions:
Unfortunately, this one is hard to estimate as well, as we got a range
from 5 to 13. Not sure how hard this would be myself.

jinmei: we first need a task to investigate this and getting an idea of how to do that.
shane: should we make that a task for this sprint then?

make a 5-point ticket: find out how to fix it. If it can be fixed within those 5 points, do it.

#2663 b10-xfrin creates empty zone when first download fails:
discussion on list.

No real conclusion as of yet, 

#2678 username and password in bind 10 guide
If we decide to got for #2641 (disable defaults), then this ticket
becomes moot

#2683 Slightly misleading description of -a option for bindctl:
Everyone estimated (around 1) but I am not sure if it really is that
unclear, to be honest, see my comment in the ticket.

#2684 bindctl "config show" should show [all] as an option
Lots of people think 'wontfix'. Not entirely sure myself, but no
strong opinion here.


  • Cleanups
  • Resolver research

Time off

Jinmei has escalation duty Mukund has 2 days, starting on the 18th

Jelte will have one day off for birthday

about 70-ish points


carry over 2440, 2441

should we hold off 2666 until we eliminate threads?


5 points for the yet-to-be-created stats-tests-get-rid-of-threads ticket

2618  Add IPv4 addresses of the root servers into default configuration             defect       resolver                    1
2035 (walk through those issues and see if they have been solved                    task                                     3

2440                    6
2441                    4

2586  sqlite3 data source doesn't seem to handle escaped name correctly             defect       data source                 4

(running total 23)

2145  imports in isc/                                                    defect       Unclassified                3
2650  Errors from cppcheck 1.58                                                     defect       Unclassified                3

2281  use new in-memory data source in the static data source                       task         data source                 4
2679  "use value-param tests for database tests, not type-param tests"              defect       data source                 5

(running total 38)

2671  Clean up doc/design/cc-protocol.txt                                           task         documentation               3
2676  Provide ccsession::rpc_call and replace usual calls with it                   enhancement  Inter-module communication  5

2641  "Disable default account, require authentication setup during initialization  enhancement  bind-ctl                    4

2669  Valgrind issues                                                               task         Unclassified                5

2672  Go through message IDs saying ERROR and check at which level they are logged  task         logging                     3

2661  "handle space in ""-L /path/to/lib"" output from python-config"               defect       build system                2

2585  bugs in in-memory finder                                                      defect       data source                 4

2665  fix clang static analyzer issues                                              task         Unclassified                4

2624    Get rid of the old system  tests                                              enhancement   Unclassified                9 (meta/divide?)
(at lower priority)

(running total 77)
(not-lower-priority-total: 68)


Tickets that did not make it:

Next Sprint Proposed:
1622  Ensure multiple processes log to same file when files are being rolled        defect       logging                     6
1668  redo threaded stats tests with mocksessions                                   task         statistics                  discuss
1831  MockXfrinConnection.setblocking is deprecated                                 defect       Unclassified                1
1832  DeprecationWarning: Please use assertTrue instead.                            defect       configuration               1
1927  Msgq tests: normal operation                                                  task         msgq                        5
1938  why ZONEMGR_UNKNOWN_ZONE_NOTIFIED ?                                           defect       secondary manager           5

2162  rename datasrc/zone.h to datasrc/iterator.h                                   defect       data source                 2
2261  move data_sources category and flatten configuration                          task         data source                 need plan or info
2262  move tsig_keys from top level of configuration                                task         configuration               need plan or info

2460  make ConfigurableClientList::getCachedZoneWriter thread safe                  defect       data source                 7
2534  support minor cases for quoted character strings                              task         libdns++                    4
2562  CC_TIMEOUT with no zonemgr when handling NOTIFY                               defect       b10-auth                    4
2578  "add ""-q"" (quiet) option to b10-loadzone"                                   task         loadzone                    3
2583  save lettuce run output even if successful                                    task         build system                3

2610  Query for large zone in SQLite datasrc takes a very long time                 defect       data source                 discuss

2647  Logging from stats tests                                                      defect       statistics                  4
2648  Statistics test leak file descriptors                                         defect       statistics                  discuss

2662  provide some post-load logs                                                   task         data source                 3
2663  b10-xfrin creates empty zone when first download fails                        defect       xfrin                       discuss
2664  Gentoo ebuild for bind10                                                      task         Unclassified                3

2668  DATASRC_DATABASE_FIND_TTL_MISMATCH  (BIND 9 is different from BIND 10)        defect       data source                 4
2669  Valgrind issues                                                               task         Unclassified                5
2676  Provide ccsession::rpc_call and replace usual calls with it                   enhancement  Inter-module communication  5
2680  shutdown cfgmgr later                                                         defect       Boss of BIND                3

New Tasks:
2652  Implement `getUpdater()` in `InMemoryClient`                                  enhancement  data source                 5

2675  Get rid of the -v switches                                                    task         Unclassified                3
2677  General clang issues                                                          defect       build system                3
2678  BIND 10 Guide needs to specify default username and password for bindctl      task         documentation               wontfix?
2683  "BIND10 guide: slightly misleading description of ""-a"" option for bindctl"  task         documentation               1
2684  "bindctl ""config show"" should show [all] as an option"                      defect       bind-ctl                    wontfix?
2685  bindctl should pause printing output if that output exceeds 24 lines          defect       bind-ctl                    5
2686  Trying to bring up Kea server via instructions in BIND 10 Guide; fails        defect       bind-ctl                    0
2687  src/lib/python/isc/log_messages/work/ in tarball                   defect       Unclassified                0
2688  syslog by default                                                             defect       logging                     0


Release candidate is coming out this week; this will be a snapshot of what the release will be. Shane: we are delaying this one week (for stephen).

(If I had realized this, I would have suggested things for the now starting sprint: 1622, 2261, 2262, 2688.)

Over at 15:54 UTC.

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