BIND10 DNS Sprint Planning for sprint ending 2013-02-05 Date: 2013-01-22


  • Jelte
  • Mukund
  • Aharen
  • Kambe
  • Jinmei
  • Jeremy
  • Jeff
  • Shane
  • Fujiwara
  • Michal

Past Sprint Summary

Number of tickets closed:                18
Estimated count of closed:               58
Number of tickets left new:               2
Estimated count of new:                  10
Number of tickets assigned/in review:     9
Estimated count of active:               39

Current total open defects: 376
(last sprint: 363)

Past Sprint Review

About expected amount of points done

Past Sprint Goals

  • resolver planning
    • bottlenecked on shane (and out of scope for this meeting?)
  • loadzone-ng 'rest'
    • done planned work but still need to implement several rdata tickets
    • (a couple of tickets about to merge but not fully completed)

Estimate/ticket Discussion

#2648: high severity? Not in itself (it's tests), but these tests break if you merely look at the code.

#2649 appears quite important, Jeremy will try to look at that right after the call

#1901 (bob/bind10/boss/etc.)

#2367 (build/install parts of the system)

dhcp team expects to be able to work on this but not before our release...

some tickets got added that do not seem important for the release; #2624, #2568 (which is moot after 2624)

2631 is probably moot (if 2595 is approved as is)

Francis asked about #2351. It's about the priority of windows support, and Jinmei thinks it was already concluded we don't have time to prioritize it.

We can 'prioritize' tickets like these as they are friendly contributions, but we have no real way of testing regressions at the moment.


  • To get any last bugfixes and changes we need before the release candidate!
    • python3.3 compatibility?
    • any remaining tasks for loadzone-ng we want in the release?
    • sql status
    • check/update documentation


The failures we get are all in tests as far as we know, but all bugs we have right now have patches attached.


rdata tickets containing dnames, like NS, CNAME, DNAME, MX, etc. Some people could use non-absolute names in their zone files and right now we don't handle these correctly. 2389, 2390, 2391 $GENERATE? Wait until someone asks for it.

SQL status:

jinmei seems to think we can address the problems for larger zones within sqlite, but michal does not appear to agree. Depending on that we might not need to prioritize another sql datasource. It really depends on whether we want to be able to support running with in-mem cache disabled. But running in-mem with sqlite backend the performance issue is quite ok in terms of performance. Also, sqlite3 can only have 1 lock, which will be a problem when you run a lot of zones.

Time off

Friday holiday in India, and Mukund will probably take a few days off Jelte (and Shane) will be away for at least half of feb 1st) Michal will start to work at the cznic office, which may take some time (on 1st?) Jinmei will be support engineer, which will also take some time from him.




loadzone-ng rdata:
#2389   (4)
#2390   (4)
#2391   (4)
#2386   (4)
revise into:
cname, ns, mx, ptr, dname, srv; 8 pts

#1901 (9)
(pending running total 25)

?1924  Msgq undeliverable notifications                                              task         msgq           6
2617  MSGQ_RECV_ERR errors on clean shutdown                                        defect       msgq           Discuss (4?)

1756  "revise ""ITERATE"" query in sqlite3_accessor"                                defect       data source    6^H2

2632  Build/install instructions for Solaris                                        task         Unclassified   5

2309 (5)
2310 (6)
2635   reset SOA TTL to its minimum for negative  answers                             defect       b10-auth       Meta:  #2309 and #2310

1866  "isc.dns constants like RRType.A() should be constants, not functions"        defect       libdns++       5

?2621  python3.3 and failed tests                                    defect       tests          2
?2622  python3.3 and failures                                    defect       tests          3
?2623  python3.3 and                                                    defect       tests          2
2644  python3.3 and failure                                      defect       tests          1
DONE: 2501  python 3.3 is available                                                       enhancement  Unclassified   0 (meta?)



Next Sprint Proposed:

1622  Ensure multiple processes log to same file when files are being rolled        defect       logging        6

1831  MockXfrinConnection.setblocking is deprecated                                 defect       Unclassified   1
1832  DeprecationWarning: Please use assertTrue instead.                            defect       configuration  1

1924  Msgq undeliverable notifications                                              task         msgq           6
1927  Msgq tests: normal operation                                                  task         msgq           5
2145  imports in isc/                                                    defect       Unclassified   3
2281  use new in-memory data source in the static data source                       task         data source    4
2309  define ZoneFinder::findAtOrigin()                                             task         data source    6
2310  In-memory version of ZoneFinder::findAtOrigin()                               task         data source    5
2341  lettuce doc                                                                   enhancement  documentation  3
2409  define complete RRtype instances without having Rdata definition              defect       libdns++       6
2460  make ConfigurableClientList::getCachedZoneWriter thread safe                  defect       data source    7
2534  support minor cases for quoted character strings                              task         libdns++       4
2551  add a few more tests for denial of existence in single-name zones             task         Unclassified   2
2554  ConfigManager not responding                                                  defect       configuration  5
2560  stats crash on cc timeout                                                     defect       Unclassified   2
2562  CC_TIMEOUT with no zonemgr when handling NOTIFY                               defect       b10-auth       4
2564  MasterLoader needs to perform minimal validation for SOA                      task         Unclassified   3
2567  add lettuce tests for various b10-loadzone uses                               task         loadzone       discuss
2568  bindctl systest is broken                                                     defect       tests          6
2578  "add ""-q"" (quiet) option to b10-loadzone"                                   task         loadzone       3
2583  save lettuce run output even if successful                                    task         build system   3
2585  bugs in in-memory finder                                                      defect       data source    4
2586  sqlite3 data source doesn't seem to handle escaped name correctly             defect       data source    4
2610  Query for large zone in SQLite datasrc takes a very long time                 defect       data source    discuss
2612  Make isc::dns::RRsetCollection collate RRsets in any order                    enhancement  libdns++       3
2613  Make RRsetCollectionBase iterator implementation compatible with Boost forea  enhancement  libdns++       4
2614  update b10-loadzone using generic DB creation                                 task         loadzone       5

2617  MSGQ_RECV_ERR errors on clean shutdown                                        defect       msgq           Discuss (4?)

2618  Add IPv4 addresses of the root servers into default configuration             defect       resolver       1
2620  b10-cmdctl-usermgr should check permissions on start                          defect       Unclassified   3
2621  python3.3 and failed tests                                    defect       tests          2
2622  python3.3 and failures                                    defect       tests          3
2623  python3.3 and                                                    defect       tests          2
2624  Get rid of the old system tests                                               enhancement  Unclassified   9 (meta/divide?)
2625  lettuce timing failure for starting cmdctl for In-memory datasource backed b  defect       tests          5
2626  lettuce timing failure for DDNS ACL                                           defect       tests          5
2627  lettuce timing failure for ConfigManager                                      defect       tests          5
2630  configure --with-pythonpath problems                                          defect       build system   2
2631  cmdctl test script finding PEM files                                          defect       cmd-ctl        1
2635  reset SOA TTL to its minimum for negative answers                             defect       b10-auth       Meta: #2309 and #2310
2636  stats crash                                                                   defect       statistics     5
2638  make dns::rdata::generic::detail::CharString public                           task         Unclassified   2
2641  "Disable default account, require authentication setup during initialization  enhancement  bind-ctl       0
2644  python3.3 and failure                                      defect       tests          0
2648  Statistics test leak file descriptors                                         defect       statistics     0
2649  msgq.spec is not installed                                                    defect       Unclassified   0
2650  Errors from cppcheck 1.58                                                     defect       Unclassified   0

New Tasks:

2652  Implement `getUpdater()` in `InMemoryClient`                                  enhancement  data source    0


Over at 16:04 UTC.

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