BIND10 DNS Sprint Planning for sprint ending 2012-11-09

Date: 2012-10-23


  • Jelte
  • Jeremy
  • Mukund
  • Aharen
  • Kambe
  • Fujiwara
  • Jeff
  • Jinmei
  • Michal
  • Shane
  • Larissa

Past Sprint Summary

Number of tickets closed:                16
Estimated count of closed:               73
Number of tickets left new:               3 (1 meta, 1 will be closed as a side-effect of another)
Estimated count of new:                   4
Number of tickets assigned/in review:    12
Estimated count of active:               60

Current total open defects: 336
(last sprint: 329)

Past Sprint Goals

  • Create tickets for zone loading/parsing (so we can start on that next sprint)
    • done!
  • Finish cleanups for memory-size work
    • done!
  • Background Loading
    • almost done

Shane notes that while we did address all tickets, the feature itself is not done yet. The final few are still actively worked on, so we don't really have a big new thing to release, which is a bit disappointing.

Past Sprint Review

After previous meeting there was a request on statistics-related tickets, JPRS wanted to replace their current task with something else, but noone seemed to pick up on that.

Jeremy: will 2211 be merged today?
Jinmei: not yet
Michal: it - could-  be, just some small comments there, is there a hurry?
Jeremy: 2363 - must-  be done before any release (and fixed it is in 2211)
Jinmei: 2211 is itself dependent on 2210
Jelte: 2210 is as good as mergable, needs one last check
Jelte: see if we can merge them today, otherwise we'll cherrypick/port the 2363 fix separately)

Undecided estimate tickets

2367  select features to build and install                                          task         Unclassified   undecided

in september mail archive, some ideas from apache. Main concern unit tests/system tests that rely on some components

jinmei: seems to big for one ticket. the more imporant question is how urgent this feature is
shane: the main motivation comes from the dhcp side, don't know when their release date is
jeremy: we could simplify this to split it into dns and dhcp for now; the big difference that dhcp does not need botan, and that dns does not need mysql. sqlite3 usage in dhcp not currently known (probably does not use it)
(discussion veered off a bit, we can do the short version, or a more substantial one, but it also depends on when the dhcp people need this)
2377  define dns::MasterLoad class                                                  task         libdns++       undecided

keep it as is (7 points)
2380  revise b10-loadzone using datasrc.ZoneLoader                                  task         loadzone       undecided

leave it out for now, pending discussion on what the command-line tool should do/have


In order of importance:

  • Finalize asynchronous loading work
    • any leftover tickets? anything we missed? no tickets to add as of yet
    • race issue in logging related to this? (reopened previous ticket, but it might be a bigger issue, needs discussion on dev)
  • Zone file parsing/loading

not goals:


  • DNS configuration language
  • no tickets created as of yet (waiting for joao?)


  • unplanned work related to release

After a bit of discussion, we decided we should have about 60 points for work in this sprint. We hope it may be more, but it is probably easier to add tickets than to remove them.

travel in next week? mukund has day off tomorrow ietf in two weeks, but not sending anyone from this team


statistics work tickets
keep 2154, 2155 and 2157

2298  Xfrout/zones  and XML stats                                                   defect       statistics     5
2353  write tests for all methods of Bob                                            defect       Boss of BIND   8
2356  configure fails in examples/ because it doesn't find the boost header         defect       build system   3
2360  RRset::toText() should be consistent about included RRSIG                     defect       libdns++       3
2357  Use of reserved identifiers                                                   defect       Unclassified   3

(running total: 22)

2305  Document bindctl in the BIND 10 guide                                         defect       bind-ctl       7
(including execute (2306) unless it really is too much work to do that)

(running total: 29)

2369  InputSource helper class for MasterLexer                                      task         libdns++       4
2370  define MasterToken                                                            task         libdns++       3
2371  define dns::MasterLexer class                                                 task         libdns++       5
2372  "define State class for MasterLexer, base part"                               task         libdns++       6
2373  MasterLexer's String/QuotedString state classes                               task         libdns++       4
2375  implement MasterLexer getNextToken() and ungetToken()                         task         libdns++       5
2383  add dns::Name constructor to be usable from MasterLoader                      task         libdns++       4

[not doing valgrind issues this sprint]

carry over 2297
2363  if 2211 does not get merged (cherrypick/port from 2211)


Tickets left out of new and proposed:


1861  SQLite3 DB creation code should be consolidated                               defect       data source    5
1866  "isc.dns constants like RRType.A() should be constants, not functions"        defect       libdns++       5
2335  deprecate RRset::setName()                                                    defect       libdns++       4
2351  src/lib/exceptions WIN32 port                                                 enhancement  build system   3

2358  "DBGLVL_xxx should be in .cc, and in specific name space"                     defect       logging        3
2359  restruct libb10-util                                                          defect       build system   5
New tickets:

1756  "revise ""ITERATE"" query in sqlite3_accessor"                                defect       data source    6
2170  Consistent place to configure socket file paths                               task         Unclassified   7
2174  Various issues with NSAS_WRONG_ANSWER log message                             defect       resolver       8
2177  logging should indicate what component logged when multiple same components   defect       logging        6
2181  Store full paths in configuration when we use paths                           defect       Unclassified   8
2193  unnecessary warning about 'being non root' from sysinfo                       defect       sysinfo        2
2195  sysinfo leaks 'Broken pipe' exception                                         defect       sysinfo        3
2196  Update Auth to support differential statistics updates                        enhancement  b10-auth       9
2199  Add a configuration item to specify zones to collect statistics in Auth modu  enhancement  b10-auth       3
2200  Collect per-zone query/response statistics items in Auth module               enhancement  b10-auth       7
2215  make socket code portable                                                     enhancement  Unclassified   4
2217  portable timing functions                                                     enhancement  Unclassified   3
2221  Add verbosity=2 as an argument when running Python unittests                  enhancement  Unclassified   3
2224  Remove b10-stats from default startup modules                                 enhancement  configuration  3
2225  Implement counters into Xfrout (3/3)                                          enhancement  xfrout         7
2226  direct queries for RRSIG                                                      defect       Unclassified   6
2227  re-add a temporary hotspot cache                                              defect       data source    meta
2239  change UDP/TCP/SyncUDPServer so they don't pass query message object          task         b10-auth       6
2240  add all zones by default with data_sources cache-enable                       enhancement  data source    need plan or info
2241  version components?                                                           enhancement  Unclassified   need plan or info
2242  "what is specifically wrong with ""Bad config data for Auth""?"               defect       Unclassified   need plan or info
2243  "what is ""no module_name in module_spec""?"                                  defect       DDNS           4
2245  msgq stops too early (cache-enable true causes crash at startup)              defect       Unclassified   8
2247  """RRSIG is being added, but no RR of covered type found""  should not be fa  defect       data source    4
2249  order of shutdowns should not allow msgq or cfgmgr to exit before other comp  defect       Boss of BIND   6
2252  Implement counters into Xfrin (1/3)                                           enhancement  xfrin          5
2253  new start logging about CFGMGR_CONFIG_FILE but doesn't really exist           defect       configuration  2
2257  noisy Boss shutdown -- socket.error: [Errno 104] Connection reset by peer     defect       Unclassified   4
2258  noisy startup about logger_lockfile -- python RuntimeError                    defect       Boss of BIND   2
2259  linking know about rpath for shared libraries                                 defect       build system   5
2260 can't find log library                                        defect       build system   3
2261  move data_sources category and flatten configuration                          task         data source    need plan or info
2262  move tsig_keys from top level of configuration                                task         configuration  need plan or info
2263  be able to select cfgmgr plugins                                              task         configuration  need plan or info
2271  complete in-memory zone iterator                                              defect       data source    5
2274  Implement counters into Xfrin (2/3)                                           enhancement  xfrin          5
2277  Lettuce tests for partially signed xfrin                                      task         xfrin          7
2286  in-memory version of ZoneFinder::Context::getDelegationProof                  task         b10-auth       4
2287  in-memory version of ZoneFinder::Context::getSynthesizedCNAME                 task         b10-auth       5
2288  in-memory version of ZoneFinder::Context::getWildcardProof                    task         b10-auth       5
2293  solve frequent  failures                                    defect       Unclassified   5
2294  Lettuce test for long-running xfr-out                                         task         xfrout         5
2295  clarify the semantics of datasrc/memory/ZoneData::isSigned()                  defect       data source    4
2296  b10-stats-httpd reset when missing files                                      defect       statistics     needinfo
2300  Implement counters into Xfrin (3/3)                                           enhancement  xfrin          5
2303  disable generating static link library objects (.a's)                         task         build system   3
2305  Document bindctl in the BIND 10 guide                                         defect       bind-ctl       7
2306  document new bindctl execute command                                          task         documentation  dupe?
2307  Add perfdhcp man page                                                         task         perfdhcp       4
2308  [meta] beta ticket                                                            task         Unclassified   meta
2329  SQL schema update design                                                      task         data source    5
2331  design of shared memory / mmap based in-memory data source                    task         data source    7
2338  Add tests for ZoneDataUpdater                                                 defect       data source    5
2341  lettuce doc                                                                   enhancement  documentation  3
2347  missing include in range_utilities.h                                          defect       Unclassified   1
2362  add system test to load a simple zone into sqlite3 and then query in it       task         Unclassified   3
2367  select features to build and install                                          task         Unclassified   undecided
2393  b10-auth shouldn't exit if can't find datasource file                         defect       b10-auth       0
2394  clarify the use case for some basic exceptions                                defect       Unclassified   0
2395  introduce a simpler way of using faked data source from auth tests            defect       b10-auth       0


Jeremy: I don't participate on the DHCP meetings, we (DNS) commonly cover the generic code, should they be doing some of that?
shane to talk to stephen about coordination.

jeremy: in later sprints we should consider system-level tests

jinmei: (relatively out of scope) does it make sense to do another alpha this week?
shane: larissa is the one who could make that call. I'll talk to her about this
jinmei: we need to recognize there are no new features, only bugfixes
jeremy: related to that, i don't think we solved any of the issues reported after first alpha

Meeting over at 16:02 UTC.

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