BIND10 DNS Sprint Planning for sprint ending 2012-09-25

*Date: 2012-09-18*


  • Jelte
  • Fujiwara
  • Kambe
  • Shane
  • Mukund
  • Haikou
  • Jinmei
  • Aharen
  • Vorner
  • Jeremy

Past sprint summary

Number of tickets closed:                8
Estimated count of closed:               35
Number of tickets left new:              11
Estimated count of new:                  44
Number of tickets assigned/in review:    9
Estimated count of active:               49

Current total open defects: 322
(last sprint: 313)

Past sprint review

Few devs, both of which got pretty hung up on tickets that turned out to be more work than expected.

Jinmei: Do we need to improve something? Jelte: 2nd time in past 3 or 4 sprints, but not sure what... Michal: Should improve something, not sure how Jinmei: Discuss at bi-weekly call


Past sprint goals

  • Activate new in-mem still not done :(
  • performance test of new in-mem see pt 1
  • Start with async loading skipped for now

Next sprint goals

  • Get ready for alpha release
    • do the documentation tickets
    • fix most glaring bugs

What about open tickets?

  • #1357 exposes customer-visible protocol problem, propose fixing
  • #2202 will not mean anything for release, so block for now
  • #2198 also block for now
  • #2191 staying in

#2267 - split into 2 tickets, 1 with a defect fix and 1 with reorganization

#2254 is really annoying, so adding that

include #2222 review? Argument 1: statistics is kind of special case Argument 2: not supposed to be adding features in hardening sprint


2189   General documentation of TSIG keyring in the  guide                                task    medium    documentation   2012-08-14 09:15:57  3
2191   list form of ACL match value is  rejected                                          defect  medium     ACL            2012-08-14 19:20:18  4
2219   switch to memory-efficient version of in memory data  source                       task    medium    data source    2012-08-22  06:25:40  6
2267   new generateRRsetFromIterator doesn't handle RRSIGs correctly                 defect       data source                 6
(running total 19)

2254  bindctl tab completion confusing output                                       defect       bind-ctl                    6

2222  Implement counters into Xfrout (2/3)                                          enhancement  xfrout                      4 (/3)

(running total 26.3)

1899  "performance issue of SQLite3 ""iterate"" query (w/ or w/o NSEC3)"            defect       data source                 6
?1756  "revise ""ITERATE"" query in sqlite3_accessor"                                defect       data source                 6

1870  install complete header files                                                 defect       build system                5

(running total 43.3)

Tickets from sprint, new and proposed that did not get in

From current sprint:
moving these to backlog:
2203  separate CC Session from auth DataSourceConfigurator                              task    medium    b10-auth       2012-08-17 23:58:39  5
2204  revise auth DataSourceConfiguratorGeneric::reconfigure()                          task    medium    b10-auth       2012-08-18 00:04:29  6
2205  "introduce a ""data source configurator"" thread in auth"                         task    medium    b10-auth       2012-08-18 00:12:27  5
2210  "support ""reconfigure"" command in the configurator thread"                      task    medium    b10-auth       2012-08-18 07:07:10  5
2211  update the data source reconfigure command so it uses thread                      task    medium    b10-auth       2012-08-18 07:10:16  6
2213  revise LoadZoneCommand::exec() of b10-auth to use the configurator thread         task    medium    b10-auth       2012-08-18 07:21:42  4

2234  staged zone reloading to in-memory                                                task    medium    data source    2012-09-04 06:22:24  0
2235  "(simplified) support ""load zone"" command in the configurator thread"           task    medium    data source    2012-09-04 06:27:22  0

From Proposed:

1351  Make TSIG configuration consistent                                            defect       xfrin                       5
1755  """ANY_SUB"" query in sqlite3_accessor needs to be updated"                   defect       data source                 6

1797  CNAME should include auth and additional                                      defect       b10-auth                    3

1871  cleanup: unify pydnspp and isc.dns to the latter                              defect       build system                4
2079  ZoneFinder's FIND_GLUE_OK should better be named FIND_IGNORE_ZONECUT          defect       data source                 2
2145  imports in isc/                                                    defect       Unclassified                3
2153  change Message::addRRset param to ConstRRsetPtr                               defect       libdns++                    2
2161  remove old datasrc API code                                                   task         data source                 4
2168  deprecate matchWireData in dns/tests                                          defect       libdns++                    5
2192  look into openbsd socket error                                                defect       Inter-module communication  8
2194  negative Free Memory value reported by sysinfo                                defect       sysinfo                     3
2220  tickets that can be closed by switching to new datasrc                        defect       data source                 2
2255  remove database_file and datasources from auth configuration                  defect       b10-auth                    2
2247  """RRSIG is being added, but no RR of covered type found""  should not be fa  defect       data source                 
2265  cleanup: remove Renderer::clear() calls                                       task         Unclassified                5
2266  remove RRsetList class                                                        defect       libdns++                    3
2268  some cleanups for in-memory zone load                                         task         data source                 0

From New Tasks:
2170  Consistent place to configure socket file paths                               task         Unclassified                7
2174  Various issues with NSAS_WRONG_ANSWER log message                             defect       resolver                    8
2177  logging should indicate what component logged when multiple same components   defect       logging                     6
2181  Store full paths in configuration when we use paths                           defect       Unclassified                8
2193  unnecessary warning about 'being non root' from sysinfo                       defect       sysinfo                     2
2195  sysinfo leaks 'Broken pipe' exception                                         defect       sysinfo                     3
2196  Update Auth to support differential statistics updates                        enhancement  b10-auth                    9
2199  Add a configuration item to specify zones to collect statistics in Auth modu  enhancement  b10-auth                    3
2200  Collect per-zone query/response statistics items in Auth module               enhancement  b10-auth                    7
2214  import/export decoration for DLLs                                             enhancement  Unclassified                7
2215  make socket code portable                                                     enhancement  Unclassified                4
2217  portable timing functions                                                     enhancement  Unclassified                3

2224  Remove b10-stats from default startup modules                                 enhancement  configuration               3
2225  Implement counters into Xfrout (3/3)                                          enhancement  xfrout                      7
2226  direct queries for RRSIG                                                      defect       Unclassified                6
2227  re-add a temporary hotspot cache                                              defect       data source                 meta
2239  change UDP/TCP/SyncUDPServer so they don't pass query message object          task         b10-auth                    6
2240  add all zones by default with data_sources cache-enable                       enhancement  data source                 need plan or info
2241  version components?                                                           enhancement  Unclassified                need plan or info
2242  "what is specifically wrong with ""Bad config data for Auth""?"               defect       Unclassified                need plan or info
2243  "what is ""no module_name in module_spec""?"                                  defect       DDNS                        4
2244  "remove ddns component, but boss still keeps trying to start it"              defect       Boss of BIND                6
2245  msgq stops too early (cache-enable true causes crash at startup)              defect       Unclassified                8

2249  order of shutdowns should not allow msgq or cfgmgr to exit before other comp  defect       Boss of BIND                6
2252  Implement counters into Xfrin (1/3)                                           enhancement  xfrin                       5
2253  new start logging about CFGMGR_CONFIG_FILE but doesn't really exist           defect       configuration               2
2256  postgresql data source design                                                 defect       data source                 6
2257  noisy Boss shutdown -- socket.error: [Errno 104] Connection reset by peer     defect       Unclassified                4
2258  noisy startup about logger_lockfile -- python RuntimeError                    defect       Boss of BIND                2
2259  linking know about rpath for shared libraries                                 defect       build system                5
2260 can't find log library                                        defect       build system                3
2261  move data_sources category and flatten configuration                          task         data source                 need plan or info
2262  move tsig_keys from top level of configuration                                task         configuration               need plan or info
2263  be able to select cfgmgr plugins                                              task         configuration               need plan or info


Jelte away on Tuesday Shane away on Tuesday

Mukund selected as alternate Scrum Master? Or... move to Wednesday? Mukund will give it a go. :)

Things labelled as "in development".

bind10-devel location for stuff Larissa: do after beta Jeremy: I think it should be before the beta Mukund: alpha is public development release, so we can leave it

Over at 15:51 UTC

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