BIND 10 DNS Sprint Planning for sprint ending 2012-09-18

Date: 2012-09-04


  • Jelte
  • vorner
  • Shane
  • Kambe
  • Aharen
  • Jeremy
  • mukund
  • Larissa
  • haikuo

Past Sprint Summary

Number of tickets closed:                17
Estimated count of closed:               77
Number of tickets left new:              6 (but added 2)
Estimated count of new:                  31
Number of tickets assigned/in review:     6
Estimated count of active:               36

Current total open defects: 314
(last sprint: 313)

Past Sprint Goals

  • Activate the new datasource

Memory-ds turned out to be harder than anticipated (with more dependencies), and is not finished yet

  • Performance test

Jeremy did performance tests on last release, after new datasource API changes. Raw sqlite3 performance dropped due to removal of hotspot cache.

Past Sprint Review

Good work done on getting rid of that large review queue at the beginning of the sprint.

Problems with memory ds discussed in jabber (and mentioned above)



  • Efficient memory final parts
  • Zone loading (possibly the 'shorter' version as proposed by Jinmei)

Jinmei proposed replacing one ticket with a lot of dependencies with one with about a third of them. Not entirely sure what the downside of it was. *Might* be loading into a separate structure and replacing rather than loading into an existing structure. Maybe.

  • anything else we need to address before the next release?

Nothing is mentioned.

mukund: wondering how 2234 would be implemented right now; zonedata needs to be kept between load() and install(); currently zonedata is kept in inmemory_client, which is not accessible outside of it.

jelte: can you add the consideration and possible approach to the ticket

mukund: ok


move 2082 out
move on rest (28 points)

2204  revise auth DataSourceConfiguratorGeneric::reconfigure()                      task         b10-auth                    6
2205  "introduce a ""data source configurator"" thread in auth"                     task         b10-auth                    5
2210  "support ""reconfigure"" command in the configurator thread"                  task         b10-auth                    5
2211  update the data source reconfigure command so it uses thread                  task         b10-auth                    6
2213  revise LoadZoneCommand::exec() of b10-auth to use the configurator thread     task         b10-auth                    4
2234   staged zone reloading to  in-memory                                            task         data  source                 0 7?
2235   "(simplified) support ""load zone"" command in the configurator  thread"       task         data source                 0 5?
(+current sprint tickets)

(38 points)

599     clearly indicate which data source is in use                                defect       b10-auth                  n/a?

1357  AXFR and AXFR-like IXFR in needs every message signed                         defect       xfrin                       5
2191  list form of ACL match value is rejected                                      defect       ACL                         4
2190  (msgq) select.poll() broken on osx's python                                   defect       msgq                        5
2198  make sure InterprocessSyncLocker is thread safe                               defect       logging                     5

2158 (2)
2189                                                                                                                          3

(at lower priority) 2221  Add verbosity=2 as an argument when running Python unittests                  enhancement  Unclassified                3
2150  (5)
2151  (2)

running total: 72


for reference, these tickets were not added:

2101   [meta] memory-efficient version of InMemory  Zone                            task         data source                 meta

From Proposed:
?2111  Define a dedicated result context and additional record handling.             task         data source                 4

1517  adding new memory datasource zone and temporary disabled?                     defect       b10-auth                    5
1899  "performance issue of SQLite3 ""iterate"" query (w/ or w/o NSEC3)"            defect       data source                 6
2150  allow RBTree::find() to start at a lower level                                task         Unclassified                5
2151  "well known ""wildcard"" LabelSequence"                                       task         libdns++                    2
2161  remove old datasrc API code                                                   task         data source                 4
2175  warning ... type uses the anonymous namespace                                 defect       Unclassified                4
2186  autoreconf fails with automake 1.12.2                                         defect       build system                5

2201  [meta] background zone loading in memory                                      task         data source                 meta
2206  define and implement ZoneTableSegment class                                   task         data source                 6
2207  define and implement (datasrc::memory::)ZoneUpdater class                     task         data source                 7
2208  Revise InMemoryClient and ConfigurableClientList::configure() using ZoneTabl  task         data source                 5
2209  define and implement ConfigurableClientList::getCacheZoneUpdater()            task         data source                 5
2212  "support ""load zone"" command in the configurator thread"                    task         b10-auth                    5
2220  tickets that can be closed by switching to new datasrc                        defect       data source                 2

2223  Update tests for code disabled in rrsetsCheck()                               defect       libdns++                    4

2236  Add a --enable-debug configure flag                                           task         Unclassified                0

From New:

2170  Consistent place to configure socket file paths                               task         Unclassified                7
2174  Various issues with NSAS_WRONG_ANSWER log message                             defect       resolver                    8
2177  logging should indicate what component logged when multiple same components   defect       logging                     6
2181  Store full paths in configuration when we use paths                           defect       Unclassified                8
2189  General documentation of TSIG keyring in the guide                            task         documentation               3

2192  look into openbsd socket error                                                defect       Inter-module communication  8
2193  unnecessary warning about 'being non root' from sysinfo                       defect       sysinfo                     2
2194  negative Free Memory value reported by sysinfo                                defect       sysinfo                     3
2195  sysinfo leaks 'Broken pipe' exception                                         defect       sysinfo                     3
2196  Update Auth to support differential statistics updates                        enhancement  b10-auth                    9
2199  Add a configuration item to specify zones to collect statistics in Auth modu  enhancement  b10-auth                    3
2200  Collect per-zone query/response statistics items in Auth module               enhancement  b10-auth                    7
2214  import/export decoration for DLLs                                             enhancement  Unclassified                7
2215  make socket code portable                                                     enhancement  Unclassified                4
2217  portable timing functions                                                     enhancement  Unclassified                3
2222  Implement counters into Xfrout (2/3)                                          enhancement  xfrout                      4
2224  Remove b10-stats from default startup modules                                 enhancement  configuration               3
2225  Implement counters into Xfrout (3/3)                                          enhancement  xfrout                      7
2226  direct queries for RRSIG                                                      defect       Unclassified                6
2227  re-add a temporary hotspot cache                                              defect       data source                 meta
2239  change UDP/TCP/SyncUDPServer so they don't pass query message object          task         b10-auth                    0


Michal away next week.

(noted on jabber after meeting: so is Jinmei)

Over at 15:26 UTC.

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